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‘The Bachelorette’ 2020: When Does Clare Crawley’s Season Premiere?

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The latest promo for Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette has been released. And this time they are going vintage. Clare’s new ad gives a nod to the 1967 film The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman. For those who may not know, The Graduate is about a 21-year-old who is seduced by a much older woman. And he eventually falls for her daughter, too. Find out more below.

Clare mimics Hoffman in nod to iconic movie

The Bachelorette ad shows Clare holding a rose, leaning up against the wall. A man can be seen pulling up a sock. The caption says, “It’s about time.” Of course, fans of the franchise know Clare has tried her hand at finding love on the show multiple times. There was the epic Juan Pablo breakup and of course she appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Perhaps all those failed attempts at love were leading her to exactly where she needed to be.

In fact, rumors have been flying that Clare left her role as The Bachelorette early because she fell in love. Rumors are also flying around about if she spoke to him prior to filming or not. Sources close to Clare and the man she chose say no. They say neither broke the rules and communicated prior to filming. If that is fact, Clare fell for this man and he for her in less than two weeks. And, rumors even indicate these two could already be engaged!

Clare is the oldest Bachelorette to date and definitely deserves to find her happily ever after.

When will the show premiere?

The new ad for The Bachelorette also reveals when fans can expect to see Clare on their television screens. The new season will premiere Tuesday, October 13th on ABC. Reality Steve of course reported on the news and his tweet was hilarious. He said, “Oct 13th? Yikes. I was way off. This thing is gonna go right up through Christmas. Go home 2020. You’re drunk.”

So, with Clare’s season not starting until mid-October, this means fans will not have long to wait until Matt James’ season of The Bachelor kicks off in January. Matt will begin to film his season in Pennsylvania starting late September. In fact, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan took a trip to the resort where Matt will be filming. No doubt this is to promote the location.

And, there is still time to get in applications to appear on Matt’s season. The Bachelor has shared posts encouraging those looking for love to apply.

Stay tuned for more details and updates as they become available.

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