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Danielle Busby Flaunts Toned Legs & ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Love It

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Danielle Busby of Outdaughtered isn’t afraid to show off her amazing body. You have to assume that she has worked hard for it. She recently shared a photo on her Graeson Bee boutique page and she is showing off her tone legs.

Danielle Busby’s outfit

In this outfit, Danielle Busby is showing off the shirt for fans to order. It is a kind of tie-dye shirt and it is even available in more than one color. It does look great on her!

As you can see, Danielle Busby has on shorts along with this shirt. Her legs are toned and also very tan. If you follow the family at all, they spend a lot of time by the pool which would explain the tan. You also notice that she has that thigh gap that so many women would love to have. Maybe Danielle needs to start thinking about doing some posts giving advice on how to get legs that look as great as hers do!

The fans are loving her legs on this post, though! You have to wonder how Danielle has time to work out with so many children. Chasing all of the girls around has to help keep her in shape.

Danielle and Adam Busby used to own part of a cycle studio, but they have moved on from that. They sold their part of it and are now focusing on other things.

Busby’s prepare for the hurricane

Right now, Danielle Busby is actually preparing for the hurricane coming toward them. Sadly, she is dealing with this without her husband Adam by her side. He just happens to be out of town at this scary time. She is a bit stressed out doing it on her own, but hopefully, all will be fine for the family. Luckily, she did have a bit of help getting the outside of their house ready.

Danielle even picked up the quints from school early. She was smart making sure that she had all of the kids home with her so they could be together if they did need to evacuate last minute. The quints actually go to a private school, but Blayke is homeschooled right now so she was already there.

Don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered with Adam and Danielle Busby when it returns to TLC. It has already been confirmed the show will be back for more episodes. Hopefully a date will come out soon.

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