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‘Big Brother’ All-Stars: Will Fan Yelling Spoilers Blow Up Nicole Franzel’s Game?

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Things got weird for BB22 houseguests when they were forced to go into lockdown recently. Fortunately, however, it wasn’t a health scare and had nothing to do with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So, what caused the lockdown? Well, it turns out it was an overzealous fan. What happened exactly? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

An overzealous BB22 fan attempted to shout spoilers over the set wall.

Cinema Blend reports an overzealous fan took a stab at shouting spoilers over the set wall. And, viewers can’t help but wonder if whatever was shouted over the wall could change the game moving forward. Moreover, some wonder if what was shouted over the wall could blow up Nicole Franzel’s game specifically. What do we know about what was shouted over the wall?

The game of Big Brother relies largely on making alliances and keeping secrets. It isn’t really a game you can win by playing alone. A houseguest needs someone to have their back every other round because no one can win the head of household back to back.  Now, the backyard of the Big Brother set does offer the houseguests the opportunity to go outside. So, there is always a risk a fan can hang out on the other side of the wall and yell spoilers.

Do we have any idea what was shouted over the wall?

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure what the fan yelled over the set wall. Those watching the live feed at the time believed they heard the individual mention Nicole Franzel. But, there wasn’t much else they could make out. Now, if the overzealous fan yelled something about Nicole… It would not be something BB20 fans would find too surprising. After all, Nicole is an extremely controversial player this year. Namely, many viewers don’t really want to see her win a second time. Others argue the only reason she won the first time was because she rode on Paul’s coattails.

There actually was a pretty nasty rumor floating around that Nicole spied on the cast prior to the game kicking off to report any pre-game deals back to the network. While Nicole has reportedly denied this to be true… Some of the houseguests (such as Janelle Pierzina) don’t exactly believe her.

What makes this even more interesting is prior to it happening, Twitter viewers jested about wanting to reveal Nicole and her alliances by shouting over the wall. Bachelor alum Demi Burnett even got in on this chatter. She revealed she lived just minutes away from the set. And, she wanted to know what her “move” should be. Unsurprisingly, she got a lot of wild responses.

Did any of the houseguests hear it?

Viewers have learned Janelle and Cody Calafiore were both believed to be in the backyard when the fan yelled over the set wall. Whether or not what was said blows up Nicole’s game really depends on if the houseguests decide to ignore or embrace what was shouted over the wall.

How do you feel about people shouting spoilers over the big brother wall?

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