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Tyler Cameron Reveals What Happened When He Met Hannah Brown

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Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have a rich history from The Bachelorette. Now, Tyler is remembering those times on his new Youtube series.

Tyler Cameron talks ‘Bachelorette’

Tyler is posting a Youtube video on his new channel all the time. The channel exists so he can tell his story and not just be a guy who fell in love on reality TV. Of course, The Bachelorette still comes up often. In fact, he’s even making a series where he rates his season of The Bachelorette. This time, Tyler is talking about when he first met Hannah Brown, US Weekly says.

Apparently, when he first gets out of the limo, he forgets everything he was saying to Hannah. Tyler says that he rehearsed what he would say to Hannah over and over again. However, once it was time he blacked out.

“I get out to go see Hannah.”

Tyler starts telling his story. “[When] I see her, I basically black out,” he explained. “I freak out [with all] the lights, the cameras. I’ve been, like, watching everyone else go all four times before me. I’m like, ‘Oh, I got this. I got this. Then I get out of the limo and I black out. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m talking out of the side of my neck,” Tyler revealed of that night.

Tyler had to go last

Unfortunately, he had to go last when it came to getting out of the limo. So despite being ready to go at 5 pm, he had to wait until 11:30 pm to actually meet The Bachelorette. No wonder he forgot what he was going to say!

“I was the last person to get picked up in the limo, the last person to go see Hannah,” Tyler said in the video. “I was the 30th guy to come out of the limo. They told me [to] be ready by 5 o’clock. So I sat around, got my suit on. I was stocked. … I’m feeling good. [It’s] night one, gotta make [my] mama proud.”

That night was probably crazy for Tyler. However, he did make it pretty far in the show so he must have made a good impression on Hannah. They didn’t work out, but their romance was definitely one to follow throughout the season. Sometimes, it still seems like there could be something there. Apparently they’ve even talked about what it would be like if they were engaged.

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