Ned, Olivia and Robert of General Hospital in a possible love triangle

‘General Hospital:’ Are Robert, Ned And Olivia In A Love Triangle?

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General Hospital has been back on the air for three weeks. So far, plenty of drama is already creeping into the popular ABC soap. This past week saw the Nurses Ball. As always this attracts much of the drama. There is also a hint of a possible love triangle between Ned and Olivia Quartermaine and a third party.

General Hospital: Olivia is concerned about her son Dante

The Quartermaines have been interacting a lot with Robert Scorpio lately. This is mainly due to Olivia’s concerns about her son Dante, locked away from the family. However, some relief has come as Robert is giving Olivia access to the facility where Dante is currently staying.

The recap for Friday’s episode showed Scorpio giving Olivia the good news about a visit with her son. Olivia gives Robert a big, grateful hug, while Ned looks on from a distance. He confronts her about it, but as she is so excited about seeing Dante, she doesn’t realize Ned is being sarcastic.

Despite the jealousy, Ned is happy that Olivia will be able to visit Dante. However, he is not so happy that he cannot accompany her. It turns out Robert is the one who will accompany her on the visit. This will obviously cause problems between the pair. Their marriage has been a little rocky lately, as Olivia feels excluded. She rarely talks to Ned since he kicked Brooklyn out of their home.

While this is going on, Ned and Olivia are also awaiting news of Brooklyn. She was recently attacked by Nelle. Brooklyn’s life is currently under threat by the fact her throat was slashed in the altercation. Fans will get to see the aftermath of this attack on Monday’s episode of General Hospital. This is as the Quartermaines wait at the hospital, hoping she will pull through.

Robert and Olivia as a couple?

Meanwhile, fans have noted that Robert does seem to enjoy Olivia’s company. He also appears a little flustered whenever she is around. After seeing them together, many General Hospital fans believe they would make a great couple. Maybe the trip to visit Dante will be the catalyst that draws Olivia and Robert together? Both are currently suffering, with Olivia worried about Dante and Robert mourning Holly’s supposed death. As noted by the Inquisitr, this might draw them even closer together, while giving each other comfort.

Fans have been enjoying the new episodes of General Hospital for the last three weeks. All the way along, there has been plenty of drama with hints of more to come.

Fans of the soap can catch the latest action by watching General Hospital weekdays on the ABC Network.

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