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Adam Busby Walks In On ‘Sweet Moment’ Between Hazel & Parker

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There is a lot of love in the OutDaughtered household and Adam Busby enjoys unexpectedly walking in on sweet bonding moments. And, fans of the TLC family certainly enjoy when Adam and Danielle are kind enough to give them a window into their family. So, we can check out the sweet moments the Busby children share as well!

Adam Busby stumbles upon ‘sweet moment’ between Hazel and Parker.

Adam Busby took to Instagram yesterday to share a “sweet moment” he stumbled on. Possibly venturing into one of the bedrooms to check on his girls, Adam walked in on Hazel and Parker spending time together. What were the girls doing? Well, they were on the bed together reading a book. And, Adam admitted in the caption one of the best parts of his day was walking in on moments like this. And, who could blame him? The quints were ADORABLE on the bed reading a book together.

Do Parker and Hazel have a strong bond?

Fans suspect some of the quints probably have stronger bonds than other. And, fans have peace of mind in knowing the quints never feel alone as there’s always plenty of people to play with in their home! But, do some of the Busby quints have a stronger bond than others?

Fans assume “the twins” have a strong bond. While the girls are quints, Ava and Olivia are identical twins. So, it would make sense for them to have a strong bond for this reason.

During a recent video showing off what the quints wore to school on Friday, Danielle inadvertently revealed how the quints are split up in the different bedrooms. And, it appears as if Parker and Hazel do share a bedroom. So, the two having a bond would certainly make sense!

Adam also took to his Instagram Stories recently to share a very brief video of Parker carrying Hazel through the house like a baby. Parker could be heard asking Hazel if she wanted to go watch TV as she carried her out of the room.

💕😆 short but sweet

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Friday, August 21, 2020

Fans gushed, overwhelmed by the cuteness in the photo.

OutDaughtered fans are always overjoyed. Overjoyed when Adam or Danielle Busby share fresh content. And, with so many different accounts… We get a lot of updates from the family! But, fans were especially tickled by this photo of Hazel and Parker. They enjoyed seeing the quints interact in such a wholesome photo. And, it goes without saying, that they would love to see more photos like this one!

So, do you think Parker and Hazel have a strong bond? Sound off in the comments down below!

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