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Need Something To Watch? Netflix Just Dropped Season 4 of ‘3%’

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Fans of the dystopian thriller have been asking when Netflix would pick up Season 4 of 3% for a while now. Unfortunately, we were not really getting any answers. Other than the streaming giant seemingly confirming Season 4 of 3%, we knew nothing about when to expect it. Fortunately, it appears as of 3% Season 4 was something that got produced before the coronavirus shut down the world.

So, what is 3% anyway?

The dystopian thriller 3% isn’t a show that a lot of people have heard about. It is a gem buried in the Netflix library. If you enjoy watching shows like The 100 or Handmaid’s Tale or Lost this is a series you are going to want to get behind. It, however, is important to keep in mind this is a dubbed series. The series was originally released in Portuguese. Now, because it is dubbed you don’t have to watch it with subtitles. But, keep in mind them mouths of the cast will not match up to their words. And, we know some people have a hard time watching shows that do that.

The series 3% basically tells the story of a world running out of resources. Too many people. Not enough resources. There, however, is an island. An island called the offshore. An island plentiful in resources. And, an island with power. This is a place where people live comfortably. But, there isn’t enough room for everyone.

Each year, anyone who has turned 20 gets to participate in a sorting process. It includes a series of tests. People get eliminated at each round of the testing. Three percent of those that participate will make it to the end (hence the name). Upon making it to the end, the winners learn something dark they must agree to travel to the offshore. But, we won’t tell you what that is so we don’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!

How long is Season 4?

In total, there are seven new episodes available on Netflix. The episodes are titled Moon, Shock, Fire, Submarine, Painting, Buttons, and Sun. The first six episodes are between 36 and 50 minutes in length. Episode seven is a little longer at roughly an hour and 15 minutes.

Unfortunately for those who enjoy this series, this is the shortest season Netflix has released to date. Season 1 and Season 3 were both eight episodes long. Season 2 has been the longest of the series at 10 episodes long.

We at TV Shows Ace haven’t had a chance to check out the new Season yet. So, it is too soon to say whether 3% Season 4 is worth streaming! But, if it is as good as the rest of the series has been… It is certainly worth checking out! And, those who have checked it out, are giving it great reviews on social media!

Check out the Season 4 trailer of 3% below.

So, will you be checking out Season 4 of 3%? 

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