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Danielle Busby Makes Funny Mistake While School Supplies Shopping

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Danielle Busby went on a different kind of car ride with Blayke Busby on Friday. The duo went to “meet the teacher” in a drive by style meet and greet. Danielle explained the school decided with the ongoing pandemic this was the safest way for the parents and students to meet the teacher while limiting the amount of crowds and physical contact being made.

After meeting Blayke Busby’s teacher, they picked up some school supplies.

In a fun video clip Danielle Busby uploaded on Instagram Stories (that you can watch down below)… Mama Busby explains they just finished meeting Blayke’s teacher. They picked up her laptop and her school supplies. And, that was when Danielle realized a bit of a funny mistake she made!

Danielle explains that she remembered she had already ordered school supplies from the school Blayke goes to for the quints as well. This is because prior to COVID-19, the quints were supposed to attend the same school as Blayke. With the ongoing pandemic, however, Danielle and Adam decided to do private school for the quints. They thought it might be safer for the girls.

So, Danielle Busby was caught off guard a little bit when she picked up the school supplies because it was way more than just some school supplies for Blayke. She received five giant boxes of school supplies for each of the quints as well.

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Friday, August 21, 2020

Danielle Busby thought it was a “hilarious” thing to slip her mind because they’d already done school supplies shopping as the quints started school earlier this week.

Danielle Busby embraces the hilarious mistake.

Now, mama Busby does not regret the fact that she accidentally bought school supplies for the quints on two different occasions. In fact, she just embraces the hilarious mistake. She noted that the family can certainly use the extra supplies.

It was just a pretty funny situation. As she and Blayke were alone at the meet the teacher event. And, they ended up loading their vehicle with tons and tons of school supplies.

OutDaughtered fans with children know how long school supplies lists can be for a single child. So, they can only imagine how much school supplies Adam and Danielle Busby likely go through. With the quints and Blayke all going to school at the same time. So, chances are pretty good none of the extra supplies she picked up is going to go to waste! And, it might just be nice to be stocked up without having to go to the store for a while.

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