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Chrisley Knows Best’: Todd Breaks No Pets In House Rule For Chloe

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Chrisley Knows Best fans saw that Chloe celebrated her 7th birthday in a recent episode. Chloe often gets what she wants, And, in a previous episode on the USA Network, they saw that Nanny Faye gifted her a phone. Now, Todd broke his no pets in the house policy for the little girl.

Chrisley Knows Best featured Chloe a few times this season

We reported on August 1, that Chloe starred in a funny episode involving Nanny Faye. Chloe Chrisley begged “for a phone at the age of 7.” And, her adoptive dad, Todd thought it a bad idea. But, his mom, Nanny Faye gave her an old phone. Fans saw that the cute little girl used the phone to order in a dollhouse.

As you can imagine, the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch seemed amused. But, who could possibly resist the little firecracker! It seems that even Todd bends the rules for her sometimes! In Season 8 Episode 9, fans saw that the family celebrated Chloe’s birthday. Cinemaholic reported that “Chloe gets elated.” It came after she received “a pet as a birthday gift, something she…always wanted.” However, Todd always insisted on no pets in the house.

Chase and Savannah found a turtle for Chloe

In the episode, Chase and Savannah went off on the hunt for a turtle. It came after Savannah and Chase confused Chloe about how many times she turned seven. When Todd shared that little snippet on his Instagram, fans loved it. In fact, many of them said that Chloe’s simply the “sweetest” little girl. Some of them wished her a belated “happy birthday.” Chloe’s birthday actually falls in November. But, the show airs the events much later.

Wrapped around Chloe’s finger

Over on Twitter, Chrisley Knows Best fans also talked about her birthday as it unfolded. One fan wrote, “Chase and Savannah trying to get Chloe a turtle for her seventh birthday that was so nice of you all.” Meanwhile, another fan loved that Todd let Chloe keep the turtle. They noted, “Chloe got her turtle! She loves it! Thanks @toddchrisley for breaking the “No Pets in the house” policy, just for her!”

But, other fans noticed that little Chloe really got Todd “wrapped around her little finger.” One Chrisley Knows Best fan crowed, “She got the turtle!! Go Chloe!! Turtle Power!!” It seems that fans know Todd Chrisley rather well. And, they know his soft-spot for her. Ahead of the conclusion, the show’s Twitter account held a poll. They asked, “Do y’all think @ToddChrisley will cave and get Chloe a pet?” Actually, 82.9 percent of fans predicted the outcome of a pet correctly.

Did you think that Todd would cave in allowing a pet in the home for Chloe? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.


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