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‘Marrying Millions’: Erica’s Dad Shades Rick For Being Too Old

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Marrying Millions returned in August. This time, the Lifetime show brought in some new couples. One of those is Erica aged 23. She and Rick met online, And, he’s much older than her, In fact, a total of 46 years separates them. Rick’s loaded, with a nice yacht that he keeps at Miami beach. Now, her dad shaded him for being way too old for his daughter.

Marrying Millions – Erica takes Rick to meet her parents

In the latest episode of the Lifetime show, Erica seemed excited about her mom and dad meeting Rick. But, things went a bit south at the dinner table. In fact, it got a bit cringe-worthy as Rick opened up to Erica’s grandma and dad about his health and his long term provision for her. To give Rick some credit, he gave some thought to the fact that he’d probably pass away long before Erica.

The Marrying Millions millionaire is well aware that Erica’s dad seems very concerned about the age gap. So, he explained that if he passes away at least he provides for their daughter with a lot of wealth. Naturally, Erica’s dad couldn’t object to that. But, he certainly took the opportunity to shade Rick about his age. That came when he started talking about how he keeps himself in shape.

Erica’s a bit mortified when conversation turns to Rick’s physical health

Well, it’s really embarrassing to talk about the physical attributes between lovers while trapped at the dinner table. Actually, Erica looked a bit mortified as Rick opened up, probably a lot more than she expected. He started talking about how he works out a lot. Then, he talked about keeping his muscles in shape. But equally candid, Erica’s grandma questioned him about his hips and joints. That seemed a bit below the belt.

Then, Erica’s dad said that Rick always looks like a grandfather. And, no matter how hard he works out or how much money’s in the bank, he can’t avoid that. In fact, he noted that Rick will always sport a “dad bod.” And, he and his daughter will always look like grandpa and grandaughter when they get out and about. Notably, Rick’s older than Erica’s dad! Marrying Millions fans thought that Erica’s dad sounded hilarious.

Fans react to the awkward conversation

Over on Twitter, fans giggled and thought the awkward moment was a big score for Erica’s family. One fan wrote, “Erica and Rick do look like Grandpa and Granddaughter tho! Yikes!” Another one said, “Erica’s dad: “No matter how much Rick exercises, he will still have an old man body.”  One fan pointed out, “Rick and Erica’s grandmother look soooo.. close in age. He is a decade and change older than her father as well… Yikes..” 

However, many Marrying Million fans actually like Rick. They think he’s got a great sense of humor. And, if he wants to splash out cash on Erica, why not take it? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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