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Check Out What The Busby Quints Wore On Day Two Of Kindergarten 

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Danielle Busby was nice enough to take to Instagram and share what the quints wore on day 2 of kindergarten! Haven’t had a chance to see their adorable outfit yet? Check it out below!

What did the Busby quints wear on day two of school?

According to Danielle Busby’s Instagram, the quints were adorable matching sleeveless denim dresses on their second day of kindergarten. The dresses buttoned up from the waist to the neckline. And, they featured two buttoned up pockets on the chest.

The girls also rocked matching pairs of white and light pink tennis shoes. They, however, each had their own uniquely colored pair of socks. Some fans speculated the different colored socks were likely to make it easy for the educators at the school to tell the girls apart.

In the hair department, a few of the quints rocked pigtails and a few of the quints had their bangs and part of their hair pulled back in a single ponytail on top of their heads.

All five of the quints were very interested in looking at something off to the side. None of the quints were looking toward the camera when the photo was snapped.

OutDaughtered fans gush over the fun photo and the beautiful girls.

Fans of the TLC family have liked the photo over 130,000 times. And, they’ve showered it with nearly 1,000 comments. But, what did they have to say about the sweet photo featuring the Day 2 outfit to kindergarten?

  • “Riley’s face is an entire mood!”
  • “Riley does not look amused.”
  • “Too cute. How was their first day?”
  • “Riley doesn’t look happy and Hazel is always smiling.”
  • “Poor Ri Ri doesn’t look to excited ha.”
  • “Riley is not having it this morning. They are all super cute! Have fun at school girls!”

Riley Busby was a hot topic among fans.

Fans were obsessed with RiRi in this photo. Why? Well, she was the only quint without a smile in the photo. Many fans found this relatable as getting up in the morning and going to work or to school is something a lot of people struggle with. Others also speculated Riley was struggling with not being in control of the situation.

Parker was also a topic of conversation in the comments. “I sure do love that Parker is really coming out of her shell now.” One follower gushed.

Another chimed in: “I agree!! I love to see Parker smile like this.”

Overall, OutDaughtered fans were just thrilled to have this window into the quints lives as they returned to school.

So, what did you think of the day 2 outfits?

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