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Colton Underwood Body Shamed By Fans, Find Out His Response

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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood has made some headlines of his own this year. First, he caught the dreaded coronavirus, released a book and split from Cassie Randolph. Then he did an epic interview with Reality Steve. Now, he is defending himself again body shamers. And, he had a message for them.

Colton lashes back at body shamers

Colton went to Instagram to share a cute photo of himself, his dog Zooka and another dog looking for a home. He said, “I’ll be right here for a bit.” The picture was taken in Malibu, California. And, one fan criticized Colton regarding his weight.

One comment said, “Stop losing weight.” Colton replied to the concerned fan. He said, “no matter what weight I am, I am still the same dude.” He continued, “I was told I was puffy and chunky while Bach aired and now I’m too thin. I’m glad I don’t suffer from a body disorder…..but please be conscious that some people do and commenting on their health isn’t a good look.”

There were also other fans who noticed Colton’s trim figure. However, most just commented on how adorable and handsome he is. And, of course, there were also plenty of comments about the cute dogs in the photo.

His recent ventures

Aside from splitting from Cassie Randolph, Colton has been living life to the fullest. His social media shows plenty of adventures in the great outdoors. And his dog Zooka has been right by his side. Rumors started swirling that perhaps he was getting back into the world of dating. Speculation continues he could be with Lucy Hale. However, both maintain they are just friends.

Colton’s split from Cassie was rough and ended up being more public than either of them wanted. As it turns out, Colton was upset with Bachelor producers, including host Chris Harrison. He felt they were taking advantage of Cassie when they asked her to come on and give an update during The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever!

Colton even went on Reality Steve’s podcast to talk about his time on the show. He said things were so bad he was not in a good place mentally. He admits to being on medications to help with anxiety and depression. Colton doesn’t feel he and producers are on that great of terms. He thinks this reason could be why they reached out to Cassie instead of him. He plans to distance himself from the franchise somewhat. Colton will always remain thankful for the experience but is ready to move on.

Stay tuned for more information on Colton and all your favorite Bachelor stars.

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