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Todd Chrisley Shuts Down Face Lift Rumors After Selfie Goes Viral

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Todd Chrisley has always been very open about using and loving Botox. He, however, feels very differently about plastic surgery. In fact, the Chrisley Knows Best star insists he’s never had any form of plastic surgery to change or improve his appearance. Outside of Botox, those Chrisley good looks fans love are all natural according to the reality TV dad.

Todd Chrisley’s selfie recently went viral.

Technically, two of Todd Chrisley’s selfies went viral recently. We’ve previously discussed both of them. The first was a snapshot of Todd rocking a beard and mustache. Fans had to do a double take. They didn’t believe it was actually Todd in the photo. Some insisted it was a fake photo. Others believed it was his photo mashed together with Chase and Kyle.

Todd, however, more or less suggested the photo was his. In fact, he wanted followers to give opinions on how he looked with facial hair. He even encouraged those who felt the need to that they could “talk sh**.”

Overall, his fans had pretty mixed feelings on the facial hair. Some loved it. Some hated it. And, some thought he should just do whatever made him happy. A large chunk, however, agreed whether Todd Chrisley kept the facial hair should depend on how his beautiful wife Julie felt about it.

His wife Julie Chrisley shut the facial hair down.

His beautiful wife Julie Chrisley was NOT a fan of the facial hair. So, just 24 hours later, Todd shared another photo featuring a clean shaven selfie of himself. Interestingly enough, the clean shaven selfie caught a lot of attention. Initially, many told Todd he should keep the facial hair because it made him look younger. To their surprise, however, he looked even younger in the hair-free photo. Some speculated he must’ve used a filter to bring that much youth to his face.

Others had a different theory. They questioned if he had a face lift or some sort of plastic surgery. After all, he was 51 years old. Why was he looking especially young and fabulous in this photo?

The reality TV star shuts down plastic surgery rumors.

Todd Chrisley has never been afraid to go up against the swarms of trolls on his profile. And, that is just what he did when people suggested he looked so great in his photo because of plastic surgery.

You are so kind. I actually have no filler in my face, but if you sleep better thinking that, then consider me fillered up.”

His clap back emerged after one follower suggested he should thank his plastic surgeon for his fabulous appearance.

So, do you think Todd Chrisley has ever had plastic surgery? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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