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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Debbie Claps Back At Claims She Acts More Like Colt’s Girlfriend Than Mom

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90 Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson takes no prisoners. On a post about one of her cats, Colt’s mom was attacked by a troll. Said troll accuses Debbie of acting more like his girlfriend than his mom. The Happily Ever After? star was quick to shut the hater down.

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson battles a troll

Fans have been following the story of Colt’s relationship with Brazilian beauty Jess Caroline. Recently, on a trip to Brazil, Debbie stirred up trouble by mentioning Colt’s friend, Vanessa. Jess wasn’t aware that Vanessa was caring for the family cats while they were away. After Debbie made her aware, she was furious with Colt. This is obviously what Debbie was planning and readers can see that in her face when asked her sneaky move.

90 Day Fiance star Debbie - Colt's mom
90 Day Fiance star Debbie, Colt’s mom [Image @90dayfiance/Instagram]
Be that as it may, Debbie is always there to protect her son. She doesn’t want Colt to make the same mistake he did with his ex Larissa. However, when making the innocent post about her cat on Instagram, one troll decided to attack her.

The Instagram user tells Debbie she is “such a mean mom.” She goes on to tell Debbie to leave Colt alone and to let him make his own decisions. The comment continues, telling Debbie to butt out of his life. Moreover, she acts more like she is his girlfriend than his mom. The troll writes that she is glad Jess puts Debbie in her place all the time. In fact, even with her “stupid eye rolls,” she deserves it. The troll ends by saying, “Someone has to do it.”

Debbie Johnson of 90 Day Fiance is accused of acting like Colt's girlfriend
Debbie Johnson of 90 Day Fiance is accused of acting like Colt’s girlfriend [Images @savagedebbiej/Instagram]

90 Day Fiance star Debbie fires back

Meanwhile, the word “savage” isn’t in Debbie’s Instagram handle for nothing. She quickly responds to the troll, saying she must have missed the parts where Jess keeps putting her in her place. Debbie continues, “Oh, I know, you were watching a completely different show.” She writes that makes sense, it was probably some cartoon. Debbie writes that this would be more of the troll’s “speed.” Colt’s mom tells the troll to “Watch closely so you don’t keep missing things.” Debbie closes off with a no-doubt sarcastic kiss emoji.

As fans have seen all along, Debbie loves nothing more than interfering with Colt’s love life. She is often involved in a clash with her son’s latest girlfriend. Debbie interfered with his relationship with Larissa. When Jess came along, she can’t help herself and causes drama between the pair, as in the Vanessa incident mentioned above. Debbie did claim innocence for that one, but it was clear from her face that she did this on purpose.

Debbie prefers Larissa to Jess

While she had interfered in his relationship with Larissa, ironically Debbie now says she wishes Colt was with someone like her. In Touch quotes an interview with Us Weekly, in July, where Debbie claims Jess went after Colt for the wrong reasons. While she did say Jess is “probably a very nice girl,” Debbie doesn’t believe they are a good match.

At that time, Debbie compared Jess to Colt’s ex Larissa. She said while they didn’t always see eye-to-eye, Larissa was a better fit for him relationship-wise. Admittedly, Larissa was accused of domestic abuse, but Debbie doesn’t believe she is evil. That is just the way she is, whereas she believes Jess has a plan, likely to get a green card.

Keep up with Debbie, Colt and Jess on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? on TLC

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