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‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Pens Creepy Comment On Quints’ Photo: ‘I Eat You’

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Danielle Busby treated her 1.7 million Instagram followers to an adorable snapshot of all five OutDaughtered quints dressed up and ready for their first day of kindergarten.

Her massive Instagram following quickly reacted to the photo. Showering it with nearly 200,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments.

One OutDaughtered fan got a little creepy in the comments.

Now, it is important to keep in mind the Busby fan base extends beyond the United States. So, some fans of the OutDaughtered quints first language is NOT English. And, things can sometimes go a little haywire when a person uses a translator to convert their native tongue.

Moreover, what is considered a sweet complement or traditional greeting in some cultures may not translate into something that makes sense in English. While we do believe that is what happened in the comments of Danielle Busby’s Instagram post… Things certainly got a little weird and uncomfortable recently

“I eat you, you are so sweet. I watch you every day at TLC. the most beautiful family,” one follower penned in a comment liked six time. The comment also gained nearly a dozen responses. Other OutDaughtered fans were creeped out. What exactly did this individual mean?

“WTF” One follower responded tagging the person who left the comment.

A second follower offered a possible explanation: “…pretty sure they meant ‘I love you,’ auto correct/rapid texts at its finest.”

“Ohhh I was like creepy,” the first to respond penned again.

A separate individual offered another possible explanation: “they probably used a translate app and this is how it was written out. Happens to me ALL the time lol.”

Things continued to get weird when the person who left the original creepy comment responded to the chatter a few more times.

“What kind of speaking style is he not suitable for a shameful lady?” The individual penned.

“Girl, did you come from space?” The individual penned again in a second response.

Turns out, the creepy comment was Turkish.

Finally, an OutDaughtered fan swoops in with what is the most likely explanation. The individual notes it was a poor translation of a Turkish complement.

“It’s like a Turkish complement. When we see someone so cute we say that. But, it sounds creepy in English, yes.” The individual explained.

“I am Turkish. Yes definitely someone understood me at the end and complemented me. Thank you.” The person who left the original “creepy” comment penned once more time.

Danielle Busby Instagram

The chatter ended after the final comment above. And, OutDaughtered fans seemed to let it go after realizing it was not just someone being creepy. So, did you think the comment sounded creepy?

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