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Jessa Duggar Shares Cute Video of Ivy While Spurgeon Photobombs

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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have three cute little kids. Three days ago, Jessa shared a cute photo of her son Henry. In it, she revealed how the little guy falls asleep almost anywhere. Now, on the weekend, Jessa shared an adorable video little Ivy. Meanwhile, in the background, Spurgeon photobombed a cute moment.

Jessa Duggar shares a video of Ivy with her book

Ivy Jane Seewald reached adorable age when kids really start picking up on a lot of thing going on around them. At one-year-old, little Ivy produces plenty of photo ops for the Counting On parents. This time, Ivy sat on the sofa, enjoying her gift from the Seewald family.

The TLC star captioned the video with, “When she turns each new page, she says, “Peek-a-boo, I see you.” 😂’ Then, Jessa noted, “Goggy! Arf!” she shouted when she saw what she thought was a dog (it was actually a bunny 😁).” Finally, Jessa Duggar noted, “I think it’s safe to say she’s in love with her new book.”

Really cute video shows big brother Spurgeon photobombing

While Ivy turned the pages of her new book, prompted by her mom, she said, “peek-a-boo I see you.” Meanwhile, in the background, Spurgeon photobombed the cute scene. Duggar fans couldn’t help but notice big brother Spurgeon with his big metal mixing bowl in the background. For some reason, he decided his mission for the day involved standing in it without falling over.

Now four-years-old, he reached the stage where he’s really expanding his knowledge of the world as well. Persistent, the eldest child of Jessa Duggar kept on trying to stand up in it even though he tipped out repeatedly. While plenty of fans thought that Ivy was totally adorable, lots of them enjoyed Spurgeon photobombing with his bowl in the background.

Fans laugh at Spurgeon

One fan said, “Spurgeon in the background standing in a ball wall, classic.” Another fan noted, “haha love Spurgeon playing in the Bowl.” Then, someone else seemed tickled pink by Spurgeon. They commented, “meanwhile Spurgeon [practices] his balancing skills in a bowl.”

Plenty of other fans talked about how Jessa Duggar Seewald certainly raises an adorable brood of kids. Of course, most of the comments got directed at little Ivy. The only daughter of Jessa really takes it away for cuteness. In the video, Jessa dressed Ivy in a gorgeous little blue denim outfit. Her baby hair’s starting to grow now, and her sweet little voice really charmed her fans.

How did Jessa Duggar and Ben choose Ivy’s name?

Ivy’s not a common name these days. So, people asked the couple why they chose that name for her. Her full name is Ivy Jane. Ben and Jessa Duggar like the name Ivy. And, Jane comes from Lady Jane Grey. She’s someone they found extremely inspirational. Lady Jane lived in the 1500s. At one stage the Queen of England, she ended up they executed for treason at the age of 23. It’s not clear why the tragic queen inspired them so much.

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