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Jim Bob Duggar Believes Having Babies Is Better Than Having Money

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar rose to fame as the parents of 19 children. If nature would have allowed, however, the couple would have likely continued having children. Michelle and Jim Bob are no longer having children of their own. Instead, they are embracing being grandparents. And, their older children continue to welcome new members of the Duggar family tree into the world.

Duggar pregnancy announcements are always creative.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo really wanted to put on a show when they announced their pregnancy to the family. So, they decided to do it right around Christmas. This was the perfect opportunity. A large chunk of the family would gather at Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s house.

So, the family gathered for a gingerbread house competition. Now, Jinger and Jeremy were not able to make it to the competition. But, they did attend the competition virtually. They shared their gingerbread creation from home. And, this gingerbread creation was how they announced their pregnancy. Their gingerbread “family” featured a pregnant gingerbread woman.

“We’re going to reveal to the family with a pregnant gingerbread, which will be interesting if Jinger can craft one of those. So, everybody will be doing their gingerbread competition, and they’ll turn and see a little family in front of our house.” Jeremy explained while speaking to the Counting On cameras during Season 11.

“We thought it would be perfect to reveal to my family about the little one on the way, and this way, just given everyone’s gonna be together, and also it would be a special way to do it, like the gingerbread theme, and… my name’s Jinger, in case you didn’t know that.” Jinger added.

Jinger Vuolo is the newest expecting and her parents are thrilled.

Jinger’s entire family was over the moon with joy. Jim Bob Duggar even admitted he believed having children was better than having money.

Now, it took the family a minute to catch the pregnancy announcement. Counting On fans watched Jeremy push the gingerbread family closer and closer to the camera.

“Since mom wasn’t noticing right away, I took the pregnant gingerbread woman and got her closer and closer to the camera,” Jeremy explained.

Eventually Michelle Duggar guessed and the couple confirmed they were expecting a little bundle of joy.

Then, Jim Bob took a look at the pregnant gingerbread woman before reacting to the news.

Oh, praise God. That’s better than someone giving you a billion dollars.”

He added: “We’re so excited for Jinger and Jeremy, and the new baby on the way, and little Felicity is such a beautiful little girl, and so excited for them to have another one.”

So, does Jim Bob liking babies more than money surprise you?

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