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Is Gwendlyn Brown Oblivious To Her Family’s Clout & How Social Media Works?

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Gwendlyn Brown’s Twitter activity suggests she doesn’t understand how social media works or the depth of her family’s clout. Keeping reading for the details on why Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter appears to be so oblivious.

Note: The following is an opinion piece based on the writer’s analysis of Gwendlyn Brown’s social media activity. Opinion pieces are NOT news. And, they do not represent the views of Tv Shows Ace. 

Gwendlyn Brown doesn’t appear to understand how social media works.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that Gwendlyn Brown is just 18 years old. She does turns 19 in October, though. So, she’s still fairly young. But, typically, anyone else is well-versed on how social media and the internet works by the time they reach Gwendlyn’s age.

The downside to being a child within a reality TV show family is the spotlight. Gwendlyn can’t have a social media profile without fans of the TLC series Sister Wives eager to stalk it. Moreover, media outlets and tabloids also watch the profiles of all members of the Brown family like a hawk for information they can spin into a story.

Still, Gwendlyn Brown seemed surprised that so many fans and tabloids were able to find her profile on Twitter. In fact, she was so surprised she decided to change her Twitter handle. As we previously reported, she thought changing her Twitter handle would make herself harder to find on Twitter. Now, that is true as far as searching her full name on Twitter is concerned.

Unfortunately, changing her handle doesn’t make her harder to find.

As part of the Sister Wives family, Gwendlyn Brown’s Twitter profile isn’t that hard to find. A quick Google search of her name and Twitter will pull up several stories reporting on her Twitter activity. Any of these stories will likely contain a link to her profile or one of her tweets.

Gwendlyn Brown would have to close her Twitter account and open a new one under a completely different name to truly hide from Sister Wives fans. Moreover, her mother Christine would have to stop tagging her on social media.

Sister Wives fans encourage her not to look up her family.

Media outlets, tabloids, and fans don’t always have great things to say about Kody and Christine Brown. There are Reddit threads and Facebook groups dedicated to slamming the Brown family. Sister Wives fans didn’t think Gwendlyn Brown seeking these things out was a good idea. Especially after she made it clear she’d gone down that rabbit hole before.

Posted by Sister Wives Fans on Saturday, August 15, 2020

The unfortunate truth is changing her Twitter handle is NOT going to shield her from her family’s clout.

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