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Gwendlyn Brown Changes Twitter Handle, Hides From ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

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Gwendlyn Brown has recently been discovered on Twitter. And, it doesn’t appear as if she’s too happy about it. In fact, the daughter of Kody Brown changed her Twitter handle in an attempt to hide from Sister Wives fans.

Now, Gwendlyn Brown hasn’t been part of the Twitter community for long.

It is important to keep in mind Gwendlyn Brown has only been a part of the Twitter community for a few months. According to her profile, she joined back in June of 2020. And, she doesn’t have very many followers. To date, she has just 263 followers. This number can be compared to her Instagram which has nearly 50,000 followers. Gwendlyn Brown, however, has had her Instagram for significantly longer. And, she has nearly 200 posts on her Instagram.

Sister Wives fans and tabloids have only recently discovered Gwendlyn Brown’s Twitter profile. In fact, it appears as if the discovery may have happened in the past week.

Why is her Twitter profile getting so much attention all of the sudden?

Without a Crystal Ball and several other outlets reported that Gwendlyn Brown came out of the closet as a “raging bisexual” about a week ago. The statement, however, was retracted less than a day ago. Turns out, Gwendlyn Brown was never in the closet. In fact, the Sister Wives star insisted tabloids and YouTube channels were just spinning a story that didn’t exist for clout.

Now, Gwendlyn Brown has also responded to the sudden surge of traffic to her Instagram profile. And, she’s decided she isn’t interested in being swarmed by Sister Wives fans. So, she’s made the decision to change her handle. This way it will be a little harder for those looking for clout or their next story to find her.

She congratulated those who managed to “find her” in the tweet above. Then, she explained she would be changing her handle. She, however, welcomed those who “found her” to stay. But, she wanted to make it a little harder for other people to continue to find her.

Will changing her handle really help hide her from fans?

Unfortunately, for Gwendlyn Brown… Changing her Twitter handle isn’t going to make it that much harder to find her. For starters, her mother occasionally tags her. And, many outlets have already reported on her Twitter activity which links to her profile in most cases. So a quick search on Google and Sister Wives fans won’t have any trouble finding her Twitter profile. Deleting her last name will only make it harder for people to find her if they are only searching for her on Twitter.

In response to her tweet, her followers note it won’t be that easy for her to hide because of her family’s fame.

So, what do you think about Gwendlyn Brown trying to hide on Twitter?

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