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Christine Brown Jealous Of All Sister Wives? One-Ups Janelle On Cameo

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A few months ago, we speculated that Sister Wives star Christine Brown was jealous of Meri. But, it is possible she’s actually jealous of all her sister wives? Her newest gig to earn some extra cash certainly suggests that might be the case.

Financially, the Brown family seems to be struggling at the moment.

From a financial perspective, things do not seem to be great for the Brown family. Sister Wives fans believe picking up the family and moving caused Kody to blow through a significant amount of his family’s money.

Fans know Christine Brown is currently trying to earn a significant amount of cash to pay for her daughter’s surgery. And, fans also know Kody recently had to foot a $30,000 bill after his son Paedon was in a car accident.

Is Meri Brown financially separated from the family?

Sister Wives fans have wondered if Meri Brown was leaving the family (and Kody) for a period of time. From a financial standpoint, she certainly seems to be fairing better than the rest of the Brown family. She has her booming LuLaRoe business. And, Meri also managed a bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast, however, did suffer because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because Meri made the decision to close the establishment for a period of time.

Considering Meri’s LuLaRoe seems to be continuing to flourish… Fans can’t help but wonder if she is financially separated from the business. More specifically, does Kody Brown currently tap into her money? After all, we’ve also speculated that Kody Brown possibly keeps Meri around just to use her for her money.

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Yep!! Totally kept this top!! #becauseoflularoe #blesssed

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Christine Brown recently started a Cameo.

It seems Christine Brown has a new business venture! Fans have learned Christine recently started her own Cameo account. Wondering what Cameo is? Keep reading!

Cameo is a website that allows you to purchase personalized videos created by a celebrity, athlete, reality TV star, or social media influencer of your choice. For a reality TV star, Cameo is a great way to connect with fans while making some extra money. She, however, is not the first member of the Sister Wives family to join Cameo. As we recently reported, Janelle Brown also has a Cameo account.

Now, Janelle Brown did catch some heat when she signed up for Cameo. Sister Wives fans questioned if it was a desperate attempt to get some extra cash. And, now, it seems as if Christine is giving it a try as well.

Sister Wives fans, however, couldn’t help but notice that Christine Brown has decided to charge $5 more for her videos than Janelle. Was this a competitive dig at Janelle? Fans certainly seem to think so. What other reason could she have for setting her price to be just $5 higher than Janelle?

According to their Cameo profiles, Janelle has sold a little over two dozen personal videos since she created her account. Christine, who hasn’t had the account for long, has already sold six personalized videos.

Fans can’t help but wonder if Janelle will consider raising her price to be the same as Christine.

So, do you think Christine Brown is jealous of all her sister wives? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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