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Sammi Hanratty Shares Favorite ‘Shameless’ Set Pics, Wants Kassidi Back

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Sammi Hanratty coins herself as the “girl you hate from the show you love.” The actress played the role of Carl Gallagher’s girlfriend (and wife) Kassidi during a handful of episodes in Season 8 and one in Season 9. During the first episode of Season 9, however, she was written out of the show.

How did Sammi Hanratty’s character Kassidi exit the show?

Sammi Hanratty’s character Kassidi wasn’t in the show for as long as some would have liked. But, she certainly made a large impression. She was just another prime example of the crazy type of female that Gallagher men seemed to be drawn to.

During the first episode of Season 9, Carl returns to military school. Kassidi, being completely obsessed with Carl, sets up camp just outside of the school. Exactly how the character exits the show (or if she’s even alive) is a little foggy. A member of Carl’s squad “deals with the problem.” Fans assume he may have killed Kassidi. This assumption was made because she didn’t really seem like the type of girl he could just run off.

Shameless fans enjoy following her on Instagram.

Despite believing she’s “girl you hate from the show you love,” Shameless fans enjoy following her on Instagram. And, she’s especially active. She updates her profile several times a week. And she’s very active on her Instagram Stories. She also goes live on Twitch pretty regularly.

So, when she asked her Instagram followers what show they would like to see a collection of throwback photos from the answer was obvious. They wanted to see Shameless. So, Sammi Hanratty gathered some of her favorite photos from the set of Shameless and shared them on her Instagram profile. Then, she asked her followers to pick which photo they liked the best.

The photos contained a pretty wide range of cast members from Shameless. And Sammi was in every photo. So, it was pretty hard for fans to choose a favorite. Most opted for whichever photo featured their favorite member of the cast.

Could Kassidi ever return to Shameless?

In the comments of her Instagram post, many fans asked Sammi Hanratty if Kassidi would ever return to Shameless. After all, Carl is still married to her. Sammi admitted that she would LOVE to return to the cast of Shameless. But, she does not believe that is a direction the writers are going to take. Moreover, we aren’t even sure if Kassidi is still alive.

Unfortunately, Season 11 is going to be the final Season for Shameless. We aren’t really sure when Season 11 productions will start. But, Kassidi seems to be one character fans would like to see one more time.

Did you enjoy Sammi Hanratty in Shameless? Would you like to see her come back for the final Season of the series? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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