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Check Out Savannah Chrisley’s Sassy ‘Thirst Trap’ Birthday Snap

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Savannah Chrisley left followers drooling with an adorable thirst trap on Instagram today!

Just when fans didn’t think it was possible, it would appear as if Savannah Chrisley is getting sassier with age. The blonde bombshell took to Instagram to hop on the “thirst trap” train. But, she decided to put her own unique spin on the thirst trap. And, what better time to kick off a new thirst trap trend than in honor of her birthday?

What is a thirst trap, anyway?

Thirst trap is a very common phrased used on social media platforms. This is especially true of TikTok. A thirst trap video or photo is intended to have a high NSFW (not safe for work) appeal. So, it is basically just another way of saying a photo is steamy or sexy. Videos of girls (or guys) twerking while showing off their juicy “cakes” on TikTok, for example, is a thirst trap.

Now, Savannah Chrisley grew up in a religious family with a great deal of faith. But, that’s never stopped Savannah from flaunting what she’s got on Instagram. In fact, the blonde bombshell has never been afraid of slipping into a skimpy bikini and showing off her gorgeous curves for her followers.

So, Savannah Chrisley treating her followers to a thirst trap on her birthday isn’t anything anyone found too surprising. This, however, isn’t your usual thirst trap.

Check out Savannah Chrisley’s sassy birthday snap.

Savannah appears to have stripped down to her birthday suit for her birthday snapshot! Unfortunately for those hoping to sneak a peek, Savannah looked to be wrapped up like a baby in a blanket while surrounded by metallic pink, blue, green, and purple balloons.

Savannah had a huge smile on her face with a vibrant blue gift bow on top of her head. And, there is a chalkboard off to the side with some statistics about the birthday girl.

The chalkboard revealed she was “276 months old” today. It revealed that she was five feet, 7 inches tall. Her weight was described as “none of your business.” She revealed that she loves “shiny objects.” And, she’s allergic to “bullsh**.”

The chalkboard had her birthday of August 11th on the bottom of it. As Chrisley Knows Best fans know, Savannah turned 23-years-old today.

Her followers were here for the comical thirst trap.

Savannah Chrisley’s Instagram followers didn’t seem to disappointed that this wasn’t a traditional thirst trap. In fact, they were here for what she did share.

  • “Hahaha love this!!!! Happy birthday!!!!”
  • “Happiest birthday, queen!!! Wishing you all the love, happiness and success you deserve. Praying this is your most amazing year yet”
  • “I freakin love you!!! Happy bday beautiful”

Many of her followers were jealous of her fun birthday post. Why? Because they wish they had done something similar.

So, did you know today was Savannah Chrisley’s birthday? What did you think of her birthday thirst trap? Sound off in the comments!

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