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Adam Busby Walks Into Light Fixture, Struggles To Adjust To Remodel

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Adam Busby is learning one of the most difficult parts of a home remodel is adjusting to a new layout. Unfortunately, the OutDaughtered dad learned this the hard way after walking right into the new light fixtures hanging in his kitchen. Ouch!

Adam and Danielle Busby have been remodeling for a while now.

After making the decision to purchase the home that was once intended to be a rental, Adam and Danielle Busby have been hard at work remodeling. The beautiful home needed a fair amount of work to accommodate both parents and six growing girls. So, they’ve likely invested a fair amount of money into remodeling the home to better suit the needs of the family.

Adam and Danielle have been very generous with remodeling updates along the way. And, now, it looks like things are starting to come together! In fact, based on some of the photos and videos, the kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen!

The OutDaughtered dad shares his injury on Instagram.

Turns out, the OutDaughtered dad’s head took a rough hit after he walked right into the new light fixtures they have hanging in their kitchen. Adam shared a couple photos of the kitchen. One showing him more at a distance with the light fixtures visible. The next was a closer look at the injury on his forehead. In the caption of the photo, Adam explained what happened.

When you aren’t quite used to the new light fixtures that were installed while you were out of the house. Totally walked right into the biggest on that hangs over our table(because the table wasn’t put back under it) The corner hit me square in the forehead. After the pain subsided, i could laugh about it.”

Adam was all smiles in the first photo. And, making a silly face in the second photo. He did, however, have a pretty nasty gash in the center of his forehead. He, however, seems to be in good spirits about it.

His followers reacted to the unfortunate injury.

Uncle Dale Mills didn’t have a lot of love for Adam in the comments. In fact, he playfully laughed at Busby. Then, he encouraged Adam to share video footage of himself walking into the light fixture. Uncle Dale insisted he knew they had security cameras and wanted to see it happen.

Here’s what others had to say about the incident:

  • “oh dear that hurts. Are not done with the kitchen yet!”
  • “nothing negative, asking a legitimate question, why would you have a light fixture soo low like that?”
  • “Um, you have a habit or running into lights!!”

Adam Busby did explain in response to a few comments that the light fixtures are intended to hang over a table. The table had not been moved back. So, he mistakenly walked into the fixtures.

The OutDaughtered star also clapped back at one troll that insisted they didn’t like the light fixture. Adam noted that it was a good thing this was his house and they didn’t live in it.

Overall, most just hoped Adam was alright. And, that he’d be more careful!

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