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’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Slammed For Not Quarantining After Return From Morocco

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90 Day Fiance fans trolled on Nicole Nafziger for going to Morocco to visit with Azan. Then, they slammed her for going there when she knew that the coronavirus might become a travel issue. They also slammed her for not getting back home the instant flights opened up. But now she’s back, they slam her again. This time, for not quarantining.

90 Day Fiance – Nicole returns to the USA from Morocco

We reported on August 9, 2020, that Nicole Nafziger finally returned home from Morocco. She’d been in the country since March and couldn’t get home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During the time she was away, thousands of people slammed her for going there in the first place. The news about her return came from Nicole via her Instagram Stories. For ages, the Moroccan government closed its borders and enforced a travel ban. The USA provided some repatriation flights out of the country. And finally, she got home.

Later, the 90 Day Fiance alum shared a video of her with her daughter May. Possibly, that’s because so many fans slammed her for abandoning her daughter for so long. Nicole’s mom certainly didn’t mind the fact that Nicole stayed away for so long. And, she said on Instagram that she loved this grandmother time with little May. Fans mainly slammed Nicole because it appears she never self-quarantined when she arrived back in the USA. And, this time it seems that complaints may be justified.

The CDC and quarantine recommendations

The CDC reported that the government recommends returning travelers stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days. Especially, when they travel from countries where the coronavirus still transmits in the population. Nicole’s Instagram post about reuniting with May got shared by blogger John Yates. Fans were quick to comment on the fact that she apparently didn’t self-quarantine. One follower said, “seriously not gonna quarantine for two weeks after flying halfway across the world in order to keep your daughter and family safe? seems about right for Nicole.” Another critic noted it seems “about right for Florida at any rate.”

Meanwhile. A few Canadian 90 Day Fiance fans wondered why it’s not a legal requirement to self-quarantine in the USA. After all, it’s a legal requirement in Canada. But, a fan in the know replied saying the “u.s. is so f***** up and this is why.” And, an Australian fan noted the fact that in their country, repatriated citizens automatically “quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks of isolation.” However, someone else mentioned that sometimes, people get checked ups from health care workers. However, it appears there’s no actual law.

Meanwhile, other 90 Day Fiance fans just picked up on whether it’s a law or not, if she cares about her daughter, she would quarantine “for at least 10 days.” After so many months surely a few more days wouldn’t hurt before she finally gets her daughter back. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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