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Watch Video Of ‘Curious Nugget’ Riley Busby Investigating Ceiling Fans

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Riley Busby has been coined as the most intelligent of the OutDaughtered quintuplets. And, that is not to say her sisters are not also smart. Riley has just noticeably excelled a lot faster than her sisters. In fact, her intellect caused some issues for the young quint. Adam and Danielle Busby quickly learned sometimes children act out when they are bored and not being challenged enough.

After some hesitation, Riley Busby skipped a grade.

As we’ve previously reported, Riley Busby is a grade ahead of the other quints. This wasn’t a decision Adam and Danielle made lightly. They, however, ultimately decided Riley needed more of a challenge when it came to schooling. So, they bumped her up a grade to accommodate her growing brain.

Naturally, many were concerned if Riley being separated from the rest of the quints would be an issue. It goes without saying that it was a concern of Adam and Danielle Busby as well.

This quint really struggled with quarantine.

Danielle revealed on her Instagram that Riley Busby really struggled with quarantine.

This little nugget, Riley Paige, I think is having the hardest time during this #StayHome life we are living currently. She had been so used to her own days at school in her own classroom and now she is back to ‘weekend reality’ 7 days a week. Hang in there my love, we all on the same bus.”

Turns out, Riley Busby had adjusted so well to her routine after skipping a grade that quarantine really made things difficult for her.

Riley Busby continues to demonstrate her big brain and curious nature.

By nature, curious people are often smarter than their peers. A curious individual is someone who desires to know how things work. Riley Busby is constantly demonstrating to her parents just how curious she is about understanding the way things work.

Danielle Busby recently shared a video on her Instagram Stories featuring Riley Busby. In the video, Riley was asking her mother how the ceiling fan fit inside the box that was sitting in the room. The quint was clearly having a hard time understanding how the ceiling fan on the ceiling could fit in such a small box.

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Sunday, August 9, 2020

In time, her mother explains the ceiling fan comes out of the box in pieces. Then, they put the fan together. OutDaughtered fans could see the little wheels turning in Riley’s head as she slowly understood.

The sweet video ended with Danielle teasing her daughter for having messy hair. Riley insisted she wanted a “big pony tail” as she cruised across the back of the couch before the video ended.

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