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Shannon Beador From ‘RHOC’ Just Slammed By Fans For Going Mask Free

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Fans of Real Housewives of Orange County were distraught to see Shannon Beador not wearing a mask in a recent picture. Even more so because she and her daughters were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Coronavirus has changed the way the housewives film and people definitely notice when one of the stars aren’t following the rules. In the picture Shannon is in the middle of her hair and makeup team. One is wearing a mask and goggles while the other is wearing a face shield.

Shannon Beador Posted In July That She Had COVID

On July 24th Shannon Beador posted a photo with three of her girls. The caption said, “this photo was taken pre-pandemic. Today, we are Covid positive times 4.” In the update Shannon said they all isolated in separate rooms of the house. Beador said she was glad they could all stay under one roof. She added, “a huge thank you to all of the medical personnel that have been patiently guiding us through this illness.”

Naturally, because fans knew this had happened, they were very triggered by her maskless face on a new post. In the post, Shannon looks healthy and she captioned the photo with a hashtag, #covidnegative. Fans didn’t catch that part and started slamming her immediately.

One person said, “didn’t you just have COVID?” Another said, “put on a damn mask.” Another fan brought Kelly Dodd into it as well saying maybe Shannon having it would convince her to take it seriously. Shannon was quick to let fans know she had two negative tests according to The Blast. She knew for sure she didn’t have COVID when she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Why Fans Were Coming For Kelly Dodd After Shannon’s Announcement

After Shannon Beador made the announcement that she had COVID, fans noticed Kelly Dodd made a comment. Kelly commented on her post saying that her daughters were the best.  Kelly’s attitude about the virus upset fans of the show. At one point she said, “no one is dying of Coronavirus in Orange County.”

Fans wanted Kelly to know they feel like she’s part of the problem. One said, “how many deaths are enough for you to take it seriously.” Another said, “it’s your fault Kelly, ppl like you downplaying the severity of this.”

Shannon and her daughters are better now, but no one is safe from catching COVID. Especially if they don’t practice social distancing and wear masks. Andy Cohen recently said the show would focus on COVID some when it aired. The show filmed during the time Shannon got the diagnosis. In the meantime they hope all the stars will do their part to not only keep themselves safe, but others they work with and are around.

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