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How To Get On ‘Pawn Stars’: All The Details To Sell Your Valuable Items, Get On History Show

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Are you sitting on a gold mine? Chumlee, Rick Harrison and Corey Harrison want to see you on Pawn Stars. They have already filmed over 500 shows, and they need interesting items to show on their History Channel show.

How can you get on Pawn Stars? Here are the details.

How To Get On Pawn Stars

Think you have an item that would be of interest to the History Channel show? According to a recent World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop newsletter, anyone who has an item of interest for Pawn Stars should contact them. The email address is:

In the subject line, make it simple. Let them know you have an item that they may want to check out for the show. Write down what it is: “I have Abe Lincoln’s first grade reading book.”

In the body of that email include the provenance of that work. This means you should share everything you know about the history of that precious item. Do you have papers documenting who made the item? Are they letters describing the treasured piece? These can be from the buyer or even the maker of the item in question.

Did you already have someone authenticate the item? Do you have that authentication certificate? Maybe you have other information such as letters, books or other items that prove the authenticity of this potential Pawn Stars gold mine.

Also, share how this came into your life. Did you inherit it from your great-grandma on your mom’s side? Did you find it in a bookstore while on vacation? Rick and the gang like stories. So do the millions of viewers who watch the show. The more interesting you can make this treasure, the better!

Don’t forget to include photos of the item! Be sure to take a close up of any sort of special marking or signature. Take a good photo of every angle. You may also want to put the item next to a common item, like a quarter or a can of soda pop. You will want to include measurements, but a size comparison is always useful.

Rick Harrison Personally Has The Final Say On All Items

Be aware that in order to get on Pawn Stars, the number one person you need to impress is Rick Harrison. He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he has the “final say” on anything that winds up on the show.

Rick Harrison loves all things historical and a bit quirky. Now is your chance to get on the History show.


Pawn Stars Filming New Season During Coronavirus

In July, History rushed Pawn Stars into production. This is usually their vacation time. But, due to the coronavirus, the network could not start casting any new shows. Instead, Chumlee, Rick and Corey all went back to work.

They are in the midst of filming 25 more episodes. That means that after this season has completed filming, they will have over 600 episodes under their belts.

Isn’t it time you got on the show?

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