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‘Double Shot at Love’: DJ Pauly D Needs To Man Up With Nikki Hall After Her Note Fans Think

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Double Shot at Love fans grow really irritated with DJ Pauly D. He and Nikki appear to want different things from each other. Fans hate that in his confessional, Pauly acts like he tries avoiding her. But, when he sits with her, he comes over as potentially interested. Some fans think he should man up with her or at least let her know his real feelings.

Double Shot at Love – Nikki Hall’s note from her journal

Nikki seems every bit as obsessed with Paul D as ever. Recall, last year, she and Holly went through major rivalry for his heart. Back then, Pauly sent the wrong messages to Holly who thought he loved her. Meanwhile, Nikki really believed she stood a good chance with Pauly. In a way the new season of the show reveals them sitting on the wrong side of the communication bus again. When the couple reconciled this year, Nikki opened up her heart to Pauly D when she shared her note with him.

The deep feelings she wrote was a great opportunity for him to dampen the fires if he wanted. But instead, just like usual, the Double Shot at Love heartthrob acted a bit cool with it in front of Nikki. But later, when he and Vinny caught up, he made out that he didn’t like her as she comes over too strong. People reminds readers that Vinny said, “It starts with the love letters and then it goes on to, ‘We’re getting married. How come we’re not married?!’ And, Pauly D fell in line with his thinking.

Double shot at love Nikki
Nikki’s note to Pauly D

Fans think Nikki shouldn’t have read the note, others think Pauly D Should man up

As soon as Vinny talks, it seems Pauly D goes his way. It’s almost as if he can’t make up his own mind. So he starts thinking Nikki puts him under pressure with her note. After all, she said, “he is my addiction,” and, “I am drunk on him.” In fact, in his confessional,  he felt that Nikki acted in a bit of a “scary” way. But, many fans disagree. One fan on Twitter said, “Pauly’s always touching Nikki, sitting next to her, trying to be around her but in confessionals he be acting like he running from her. I’m tired for her.”

Then, another Double Shot at Love fan wrote about Pauly D being afraid to man up. They said, “If Pauly manned up and told Nikki she was being apparently “too much.” he knows exactly what would happen, she’d switch all the way off. He doesn’t want that to happen, which is pretty selfish at this point.” Others think Pauly D’s not actually worth Nikki’s time. But, everyone knows that she already acts crazy in love. 

What did you think of Nikki reading that note to Pauly D? Do you agree with Vinny that she’s putting a lot of pressure on Pauly D? Or is he just not sure where he stands? If Vinny weren’t around would he find the guts to man up and tell her how he really feels? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Double Shot at Love airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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