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Where Is Hazel Busby? Some ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Snub Olivia In This Photo

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Many OutDaughtered fans seem to favor Hazel Grace Busby. Fans have accused Adam and Danielle Busby of playing favorites before. Especially with Hazel over her other sisters from time to time. And, especially with the quints over their older sister Blayke. So, the TLC stars never hear the end of it when they post a photo featuring some of the quints, but not all of them. This, however, is especially true when Hazel is missing from the photo.

The OutDaughtered parents were recently blasted for a lack of Riley.

“Where is Riley Busby?” Was a question OutDaughtered fans were asking just a few weeks ago. This question sprung up after Adam and Danielle posted pictures from their clothing line that did not included Riley. The couple got blasted by fans. Fans asking, “where is RiRi?”

Adam and Danielle, however, made it clear that they do not force the girls to do photo shoots. With every photo shoot, the girls have a choice to participate. So, that is why fans will see some, but not all of the quints in every photo.

This information, unfortunately, caused some issues for the couple as well. Fans and trolls took issue with the couple giving the girls the choice to participate. They believed that was too much freedom to give to such young children.

Adam Busby has chimed in on the issue noting that he’s “exhausted” with the constant advice and criticism.

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Fans question where is Hazel Busby, but she’s not the only quint missing.

Danielle Busby shared a snap yesterday featuring herself and three of the quints enjoying a little pool time. The photo very clearly featured Parker, Ava, and Riley. Their cousin Bronson also slipped into the pool to photo bomb the adorable snap. The photo had him hidden in the background. And, only his face was visible. So, it is possible some thought there were four quints in the photo at first glance. There, however are only three quints in this photo.

Both Hazel and Olivia were missing from the photo. But, fans only seemed to acknowledge that Hazel was missing. While it may have been indirectly, many snubbed Olivia while asking where Hazel was. Some even bluntly noted that “someone was missing” from the photo before proceeding to ask what Hazel was doing. This comment in particular neglected to mention Olivia missing from the photo at all.

“Someone’s missing. Where’s Hazel?” One individual complained.

Another chimed in: “Where is Hazel, bazel?”

These calls for Hazel stretched across multiple social media platforms. But, no one seemed to ask for Olivia.

Did OutDaughtered fans mean to snub Olivia? Well, they certainly didn’t notice she wasn’t in the photo. Or, at least, they didn’t demand to see her the same way as Hazel.

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