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‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Threaten To Quit Show Following Chef Kiko’s Firing

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Below Deck Med fans are fed up with the show. Monday night’s episode showed chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran in tears. The positive Brazilian chef quickly became a fan favorite. Kiko became known for his positive attitude. He’s one of the most laid-back chefs that the franchise ever had.

But all good things must come to an end. Chef Kiko packed his knives and left after the charter. The decision came after Captain Sandy Yawn’s micromanaging and disappointment in Kiko’s Vegas-themed dinner. Not only was she underwhelmed by the menu, but she also questioned his culinary skills. Viewers deemed Sandy’s critiques as harsh.

Below Deck Med – Chef Kiko has to leave after Captain Sandy’s harsh review

Monday’s episode of Below Deck Med was one of the toughest ones yet. Chef Kiko left his crew and charter guests almost hanging when he decided to quit on the spot. The Wellington found itself in a pickle when he wasn’t in the mood to cook breakfast for the charter guests. He wanted to pack his knives and leave right there. But Kiko decided to stay because he’s not a quitter.

So, it wasn’t easy for him to quit on the spot. Instead, Kiko cried in his bunk all night long. It was heartbreaking for viewers to witness. Kiko’s emotional exit showed that he made two new best friends out of the experience: chief stew Hannah Ferrier and third stew Jessica More. Kiko’s exit had to be the most emotional in the history of Below Deck Mediterranean or Below Deck.

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While Sandy let him go gently, it didn’t stop Kiko and the rest of the crew from crying. After Kiko realized he lost his job, he returned to his cabin where painful sobs were heard. Sandy wasn’t happy about firing him either.

“I feel like I’m just hammering this guy who continues to pour his heart into it but yet he bit off more than he could chew,” she revealed during her confessional. “As a captain you can like someone a lot but if they’re not ready to take on the job, like trained properly, then I have to let them go.”

But fans aren’t happy about Kiko’s exit. #JusticeforKiko started trending shortly after Monday night’s episode aired. Now, some of them are threatening to quit the show.

Fans fed up and want to quit the show

Below Deck Med fans stormed to Twitter on Monday night. Most of them are threatening to quit the show following Kiko’s emotional exit. They blamed Captain Sandy for creating a toxic work environment. Others feel that it’s a setup to let Malia’s boyfriend (who freelances as a yacht chef) to work on the superyacht. There are even some fans who believe that Bravo caused this unnecessary drama. The network does most of the hiring for it’s Below Deck franchise. So, to hire an aspiring chef just to let them go is a punch in the gut, according to fans.

An overwhelming majority of fans are ready to quit after next week’s episode. The sneak peek didn’t look good for Hannah. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she was accused of taking Valium earlier this season. She confirmed on Twitter that she took an Advil for her swollen feet. But in the preview clip, it appears Malia finds Hannah’s prescription medication and tells on her.

This could lead to Hannah’s impending quitting or firing. With two fan favorites gone, it’s doubtful that fans will tune in for the rest of the season.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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