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Was One ‘OutDaughtered’ Quint Supposed To Be A Boy? Adam Busby Explains

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The OutDaughtered quints rose to fame as the first all-female set of quintuplets born within the United States. The quints along with their older sister Blayke and their parents Danielle and Adam Busby landed a reality TV series with TLC.  Some fans of the family can’t help but wonder how things would differ if one of their little girls was actually a little boy.

Would the series still exist if they had also had a son?

Now, as we mentioned previously, the family gained attention because they were the first couple in the U.S. to successfully birth an all-female set of quintuplets. Would they have gained the same attention if one of the quints had been a boy? Would TLC still have picked the family up for a series? OutDaughtered certainly wouldn’t have the same ring to it if one of the quints was a boy.

Was one of the OutDaughtered quints supposed to be a boy?

Now, you might be wondering… Why is this even a topic of conversation? Well, it is because of something a fan asked in the comments of one of Adam Busby’s Instagram posts about a week ago.

“Which quint was suppose to be a boy?” The individual questioned. It is unclear what provoked this question. Though it was asked on a photo featuring Olivia playing on the beach.

The photo did not seem to get much attention from Adam Busby’s followers. But, the individual posted the comment several days after Adam published the photo on his profile. So, the lack of attention makes sense. Adam’s fans don’t often go back and check the comments of an old photo without a reason for doing so.

Adam Busby, however, does regularly monitor his Instagram profile. He is always quick to shut down trolls and negativity. He even recently admitted he was exhausted. Exhausted by the constant criticism on social media regarding his parenting skills.

So, Adam answering the question isn’t too surprising.

“None of them. We had an ultrasound at a week were a doctor was trying to tell, but it was way early. The next week was confirmed. Non of them were ever supposed to be a different sex.” Adam explains clearing any confusion.

Overall, the conversation didn’t appear to be negative or aggressive on either side.

Does Adam and Danielle Busby want a son?

Do the OutDaughtered parents want more children? Do they desire to bring a son into the family? It goes without saying that Adam Busby certainly might enjoy having another male in the household! But, is that something they want?

The topic came up a few months ago. Adam and Danielle Busby are certainly open to additional children. They definitely feel as though they would like to add a son to the Busby crew.

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Now, Danielle did have a hysterectomy. So, the OutDaughtered couple would be adopting. Based on conversations from a few months ago, they would certainly be open to adopting.

As we previously reported, Adam and Danielle Busby have a combined net worth of between $4 and $5 million. So, they could certainly afford adopting a child.

So, how do you think things would have changed if one of the OutDaughtered quints had been a boy? Would we still be watching this beloved family on TV? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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