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‘OutDaughtered’ Mom Danielle Masks Up The Kids – Not Good Enough, Trolls Complain

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OutDaughtered fans slammed Danielle and Adam Busby when they spent time with his family over his birthday week. None of them wore masks in the family photo. But now, Danielle shared a photo of the kids and herself all wearing masks, but that’s not good enough for some TLC trolls.

OutDaughtered critics predicted ‘dire’ outcomes for the Busbys not social distancing

On June 13, we reported that the Busby family shared photos of them all in Louisana. They went there to celebrate Adam’s birthday week. And, it took them out of the home during the remodeling. At the time, dire warnings came out as none of them worse masks or socially distanced from their relatives. One follower noted, “You will all die of covid19 cause your government doesn’t care about distancing.”

Others complained they went on mini-vacations while the home got fixed up. But, now the OutDaughtered mom shared a photo of herself and kids wearing masks, she still got slammed. Clearly, whatever the family does won’t sit right with some people. Critics feel that wearing masks isn’t good enough and they should take their social distancing efforts much further. But, it also seems that critics slam Danielle from both sides of the COVID-19 controversy over masks.

Danielle slammed for masks and not doing enough

On the one side of the mask issue, are those who believe masks don’t make any difference. In fact, they believe it’s all a way of controlling people. One person wrote, “Preserving the fact you wore a muzzle is dumb. Bet the dogs aren’t muzzled.” One person agreed with them, saying, “People wake up and fight back. Such an evil agenda perpetrated on innocent children.” Then, on the other side, people think that not social distancing and wearing masks is very bad. In fact, some of them rather hope for complete stay-at-home lockdowns.

From the other side of the fence, an OutDaughtered critic fired at Danielle. They noted, “doing her part would be to stay home, especially with kids. They are out and traveling all the time. Texas is terrible right now.” So, that person would rather Danielle and the kids stay at home all the time. Other comments suggested that everyone in Texas should just stay home. But, not everyone slammed Danielle.

Some OutDaughtered fans feel Danielle sets a good example

Some fans thanked Danielle for setting an example with the masks. But these days, division over the virus looks set to remain for months come. Many fans just wish everyone would shut up and let them enjoy photos of the adorable kids. They think Adam and Danielle should make their own decisions. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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