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‘Extreme Unboxing’s’ Bobby And Salena Share Best Finds!

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Extreme Unboxing is the new A&E show premiering on Tuesday, August 4. This is the show where sellers bid and buy pallets of returned store items, sight unseen. Then, they resell them for pennies on the dollar. This is like Storage Wars, but even easier to make really big money.

Stars Bobby Follett and Salena Ozzimo hare how they make money doing this business. They even reveal what their best finds are, so far!

Where Do Extreme Unboxing Stars Get Merch?

In the new A&E show, Extreme Unboxing, viewers get to see exactly what they competed for in the online auctions. This is a show about liquidation lots. They are now becoming the way that small businesses get a deal and make great money.

Ever wonder what happens when you return items like electronics? Where do they go? Sellers and Extreme Unboxing stars like Bobby Follett and Salena Ozzimo buy pallets of those boxes. Although they can view packing slips. But, sometimes that doesn’t tell the real story. This is part of the mystery and quest for the gold.

Inside each box could be something worth reselling. Other times, it could be a total dud. It could be cheaper merchandise. Or, it can be broken merchandise. You can lose money or get pennies on the dollar.

Each Business Bids On The Merchandise

What small business owners like Bobby and Salena do, is bid on each pallet online. These pallets of sealed boxes are from a cornucopia of vendors that we have all heard of. We may even have shopped and returned items from these establishments. They need to get rid of the returns as fast as they get them. So, the sellers put items up for auction. They let the bidders bid and buy.

Now, the bidders may have favorite vendors or prefer certain types of items. Some may only purchase household items. Others, electronics. It all depends on how they resell the items. Some have stores. Others, online sites with their own mega-warehouse.

Like Storage Wars, each business bids for the pallet. Like Shipping Wars, they do this from their home business. The highest bid wins.

Then, the boxes are shipped to their doorstep. Now for the fun. The buyers unbox and check out each of the returns. They check the quality of the merchandise. Then, they see how much others will sell these exact same items.

Can they turn around the items and sell them for a huge profit?

Extreme Unboxing Stars Share Money Making Finds!

Salena and Bobby were recently interviewed on KATU, in the home state of New York. The Greece, NY couple shared that they have a store, Good Galore Overstock. Right now, they are selling items via their Facebook page. This allows for curbside pickup and safety, during this difficult time.

Some of their recent finds? How about pools, grills and outdoor furniture? Bobby also hints that there is an unmarked box with something quite valuable.

You will have to check out the show to find out exactly what that is!

Extreme Unboxing premieres on A&E on Tuesday, August 4 at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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