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Did Adam Busby Put Some Of The Quints At Risk Of COVID-19?

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Adam and Danielle Busby recently divided and conquered their six daughters to run some errands. According to his recent Instagram activity, Adam had Hazel, Olivia, and Parker with him. Adam also shared a short video clip of some of his venture with his three daughters on his Instagram Stories.

Is Adam Busby not taking COVID-19 precautions with his children?

Now, OutDaughtered star Adam Busby has been catching a lot of heat as of late for his choices. His choices regarding going out into the world during a pandemic. He recently went to a public gym to work out. His fans were furious he wasn’t taking the virus seriously. Many felt the need to clarify they were just concerned for the well-being of the family. They loved the Busby family and didn’t want anything to happen to them.

Based on his recent Instagram activity, it looks like he’s taken three of his daughters out and about again. And it doesn’t look like they are taking many safety precautions. Is he putting them at risk of getting the virus?

[Danielle] and me are dividing up the kids and knocking out some errands now that we have gotten back in town. Took mine on a special lunch date to the Aquarium Restaurant at the @kemahboardwalk to see some fish while we eat!”

Now, it goes without saying that Adam and his girls are at an eating establishment. You can’t exactly wear a mask while you eat. Moreover, Adam even looked like he had a face covering on his neck. Likely pulled down so he could enjoy his food. But, the girl’s masks were not anywhere in sight.

During the video clip on his Instagram Stories, the three quints were busy touching all over the aquarium glass. And, they were not wearing masks. If someone entered the restaurant with the virus, the girls were certainly at a high risk of getting the virus. And, they were certainly at a high risk of bringing it home and sharing it with the rest of their family.

Did they eat before touching the glass? Did they wash their hands after touching the glass? Fans had loads of questions.

This OutDaughtered father isn’t concerned about the virus.

As we previously reported, Adam Busby shut down those concerned about the virus on Instagram. He explained he would not live in fear of something he concerned “less fatal” than the flu. Now, it seems as though he isn’t letting his girls live in fear either.

Now, Danielle Busby shared a photo with their other three daughters wearing face masks while traveling with her in public. And, they’ve previously posted content about their girls and face masks on social media. So, Adam’s recent outbursts about the virus and lack of masks on his girls has everyone concerned.

So, do you think Adam is putting his family at risk of the virus? Tell us about it in the comments.

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