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’90 Day Fiance’: Eric Nichols Talks Larissa’s BJ’s, Signs Like Hip-Hop On Steroids, Fans Turn On Him

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After just saw Eric Nichols take the “Most Hated” crown from Tania Maduro. Fans rage about him on social media for threatening Larissa. Plus, he talked in his confessional like some sort of mad Hip-Hop star on steroids. And, disgusting fans, even more, he discussed Larissa’s intimacies, like BJ’s and technique. Fed up fans slam him as the worst ever in the TLC franchise.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Eric and Larissa clash but fans think he’s the biggest loser

We reported ahead of the episode on Sunday, that Larissa confronted Eric about text messages to another woman. She found out about it after checking through his phone. Recall that her friend, Carmen tossed Larissa out when she found out that she planned on getting back with Eric. Eric invited her over so she had a place to stay, albeit with his roommate there as well. Not many fans of TLC believe his roommate’s just that. But, she accepted.

Angry, Larissa contacted the other woman, Natalie, who told her Eric said some pretty awful things about her, In fact, he even discussed her s*xual intimacies. Obviously Larissa grew extremely angry and confronted him. He and his friend then threatened her about the phone. Already facing possible deportation, they basically held a metaphorical gun to her head. In real life, they apparently made up their differences, but Eric just cooked his goose with 90 Day Fiance fans forever, it seems.

Eric gets fans thinking he’s psycho signing like a star Hip Hop on steroids

Trending on Twitter for his behavior, Eric got slammed. In his confessional, he tried talking himself out of it. And, his hands waving around made fans think he’s a bit psycho. One fan noted, “Eric is talking with his hands in this confessional like he’s on Love & Hip Hop.” Then, another one said, “Is Eric trying to create his own sign language right now?” And, another one noted at that point, “Something tells me that Eric is dangerous.”

People hate that Eric talked intimately about Larissa as well. That goes beyond the line, they feel. Not all 90 Day Fiance fans love Larissa. But discussing BJ techniques with someone else went too far. One fan wrote, “Eric you coward. A real man would take accountability for his actions. An honorable man doesn’t discuss intimacies and sexual/physical details about his relationship with his folks nor anybody else! You pig. Apologize!”

Eric threatens Larissa and wins the most hated crown on 90 Day Fiance

InTouch Weekly reported that Eric accused Larissa of “stealing” the phone that she gave him. Angrily, he told her their agreement meant not bringing bring up the past issues they had. But after all, he used the phone when he texted a stranger about her intimate details. And, the friend chipped in like an armchair lawyer threatening Larissa. She already faced the possibility of deportation. Fans hated that as well, and one said, “Eric is a certified psychopath..the way he talks is so manipulative .”

Fans think Eric’s awful. As one pointed out, “Eric is gross. Also, why is wearing a robe “Like Dolly Parton”? WTF does that even mean?!” Another 90 Day Fiance fan commented, “I think there is a difference between talking to girlfriends about a lack of s*x life, and someone detailing to everyone your techniques and body parts. Eric described how Larissa gives BJs. Not cool.”

Finally, people concluded, “Eric thought he was going to become popular by going on #90DayFiance, but he became hated instead.” And, “Eric tried to weasel his way out of looking like a man-bitch, but ended up looking like a weasel.” Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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