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‘Deadliest Catch’: Nick McGlashan Celebrates Birthday, Mourns Death of Mahlon Reyes

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Deadliest Catch star Nick McGlashan celebrated his birthday amid the tragedy of his fellow F/V Summer Bay crabber, Mahlon Reyes. How old is Nick, how did he celebrate and how did he remember his good friend and crewmate?

Deadliest Catch Star Nick McGlashan Celebrated His Birthday

On Saturday, Deadliest Catch star Nick McGlashan celebrated a birthday. The reality star and F/V Summer Bay deckhand seemed quite happy to announce that it was his special day. He also got some help from his friends. One of the F/V Cornelia Marie captains, Casey McManus went to Twitter to announce that it was Nick’s birthday. He asked fans of the Discovery show to show some love to the birthday boy.

Nick McGlashan seemed quite light and happy.

Nick McGlashan Overcame Serious Addiction

Just a few seasons ago, Nick McGlashan was in deep with drugs. As Deadliest Catch fans witnessed, his boss, Wild Bill thought his deckhand had cancer. Instead, Nick McGlashan had a problem. The combination of illegal drugs and the flow of alcohol made him so ill that people mistakenly believed he had cancer. It was just that bad.

The Bering Sea fisherman confessed in Chosen Mag that he had a full blown addiction. In an emotional article, he continued that he didn’t stop taking drugs despite experiencing three overdoses.

For example, he would drink a half-gallon of vodka. Next, he would shoot two grams of heroin and a gram of meth. By choosing three different destructive habits, he could always convince himself that he really wasn’t an addict.

Eventually, he got help. He went into a faith-based drug treatment program and got off the drugs. Now, he is happy and “at peace.”

Although crab fishing was part of the reason Nick wound up getting addicted, he still returned to the F/V Summer Bay and Captain Bill Wichrowski.

Nick McGlashan Remembers His Deadliest Catch Co-Star, Mahlon Reyes

As bright On Thursday, Deadliest Catch star Nick McGlashan posted on Twitter a tribute to his friend and co-worker, Mahlon Reyes. Mahlon died after a serious heart attack. The 38-year-old crabber leaves behind a wife and children.

In the tweet that McGlashan shared, there is a colorful photo of family and friends. Nick and Mahlon’s brother are in the front row, kneeling down next to each other. Smiling, and clearly having a great time together.

Absolutely heartbreaking that Mahlon Reyes died at such a young age. In the tweet, Nick wrote: “Family times. Laughing, crying and remembering our brother Mahlon Reyes of the Summer Bay.”

According to USA Today, Mahlon Reyes has been cremated and they will spread his ashes on the Bering Sea, presumably during the crab fishing season.

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