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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown ‘Hated’ Grocery Shopping Before The Pandemic

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown took to Instagram recently to spill a little secret about herself. Turns out, she isn’t a huge fan of grocery shopping.

COVID-19 has made grocery shopping difficult for everyone.

Now, it goes without saying that Meri Brown isn’t alone in her dislike of grocery shopping. Presently, it is extremely inconvenient to go to the store. Most stores require you to wear a face mask. Stores have capacity limits. Some stores even have directions you must travel within the store. And, every single item you touch on the shelf puts you at risk of coming in contact with someone else who had COVID-19.

So, it is understandable that Sister Wives Meri Brown isn’t a big fan of grocery shopping. Right now no one is. Fortunately, many stores offer curbside pick-up and delivery options. So, you don’t have to go into the store.

But, based on her recent Instagram post, it looks like Meri Brown had a few errands to run. Unfortunately, one of them did include grocery shopping. But, it turns out, the Sister Wives star has never been a huge fan of grocery shopping. And, it has little to do with the pandemic. It’s just not something she has ever enjoyed having to go out and do.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown finds a way to be fashionable during the pandemic.

Now, one thing Meri Brown isn’t doing is letting the pandemic control her fashion sense. The LuLaRoe representative is still big on looking fabulous. And, she certainly looked amazing in the selfie she shared on Instagram.

Posted on Instagram just an hour ago, Meri Brown looked adorable rocking a “sleepy” purple panda t-shirt she said was from the LuLaRoe brand. She admitted the adorable panda shirt was a “staple” in her summer wardrobe.

What really put her stylish outfit over the top though was the matching purple face mask. The mask paired really well with the t-shirt. Meri gushed the face mask and t-shirt combo was a “win-win-win.”

She concluded her post by thanking LuLaRoe and the founder of the company for: “hitting it out of the park once again, and continuing to do all the things necessary to help keep us safe and healthy!!”

And, what did her followers think about the photo?

The dark purple certainly paired well with Meri’s fair skin, light-colored hair, and vibrant blue eyes. The little bit of black eye make-up she wore really made her eyes pop. While it was impossible to see her mouth, her eyes were certainly smiling in the photo. Overall, her followers were supportive of the stylish mask. Many wanted to know how to buy one for themselves.

  • “It’s so cute!!! What’s your link so I can order??? I just bought my first Lularoe and I LOVE IT!”
  • “The purple makes your eyes pop!”
  • “I’m with you, I hated getting groceries before COVID, I really hate it now lol. But you’re looking cute doing it!”
  • “Isn’t funny how now were trying to match our mask with our outfit these days lol!”

Many were tickled that face masks had become the new norm to the point of trying to work it into an ensemble properly.

So, do you share Meri Brown’s hatred of the grocery store? And, what do you think of her new mask? Tell us about it in the comments!

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