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Lifetime Movie Premiere Sleeping With Danger and A Murder To Remember


Lifetime is premiering a set of movies and an interview not to be missed.

Movies Based On Real Events

Lifetime premiers several “Ripped From The Headlines” movies that gain a multitude of attention. Sleeping With Danger is based on Kathy Ann Jewel’s harrowing story of survival. This story is among several crime events in author Ann Rule’s book, Mortal Danger.

“He had promised her that this was the night she was going to die,” Rule wrote, “and she didn’t doubt his intention.”

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Without containing too many spoilers, the movie is about Grace Tanner (Elisabeth Rohm); she is a flight attendant who found her prince charming. Paul Carter (Antonio Cupo) sweeps Grace off her feet and into a whirlwind affair. Grace, however, soon finds out her prince is hiding a dark facade. Jealousy and anger take reins. Grace rushes into hiding, but will she have to face the man whom she fears the most?
Next in the lineup is another Ann Rule true crime story. Taken from her book, “Empty Promises” is a heartbreaking thriller. A Murder To Remember follows couple Robin (Maddie Nichols) and Javier Rivera (Kevin Rodriguez). The actors portray real like couple Julio and Candra Torres. It is their one year anniversary, so they seclude to relax and do some fishing.
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A man named Sam shows up offering a more active fishing spot. After an impromptu hunting trip with Sam and Javier, Robin’s husband ends up dead. Was it just a horrible accident? Robin now alone and scared takes the warm welcome to Sam. Is Sam really her protector, or is Robin in grave danger?
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Following the premiere of A Murder To Remember, Lifetime will show “A Murder to Remember, Elizabeth Smart: Finding Justice.”

Elizabeth Smart and Candra Torres will sit together. Torres will speak of the terror she went through and how she is a survivor. The show will also highlight Stockholm Syndrome and it’s a key role. Stockholm is a psychological condition when a victim developes a connection to the captor.

Sleeping With Danger will premiere Saturday, August 1st at 8/7 C.

A Murder To Remember premieres Sunday, August 2nd at 8/7 C; with Finding Justice immediately after.

Rainn is promoted to help with abuse against women, therefore, it is promoted by Lifetime paired with these premieres.

Lifetime partners with organizations to spread awareness, empower women, and provide healing tools and support for women of all backgrounds.


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