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Jill Dillard’s Sins Against The Duggar Family Rules Continue To Grow

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Jill Duggar Dillard frequently makes media headlines for distancing herself from the strict and religious family she grew up in. And, those who follow the family — but, don’t approve of their strict rules — are here for the disobedience.

The Duggar Family and Their Strict Rules

According to The Hollywood Gossip, there are a lot of strict rules placed on the children of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. These rules kick in from the moment they wake up till they return to slumber. And, even those who love the show tend to agree some of the rules sound a little exhausting.

Kindness: The Duggar family is always to be kind and joyful toward other people. This is true even if someone has mistreated them.

Soft words: The Duggar children are always to use soft words while feeling ill. There, however, is no clarification on what exactly is meant by soft words.

Clothing: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar teach their children that their body is a gift from God. A gift that remains wrapped up until they are married. So, the family has strict guidelines. Guidelines on what their children can wear and what they cannot wear.

Opposite Gender: The Duggar children are allowed to have minimum physical contact with the opposite gender until they are married. They go through courtships. All dates and trips must include a chaperone.

The rules also include no kicking, yelling, hitting, or throwing. Michelle and Jim Bob expect their children to be kind and compassionate all the time.

Rumors have it the family also have pretty strict rules about using the bathroom and showering. These rules are intended to make sure their male children and female children do not see each other in their birthday suits.

Jill Dillard is the Black Sheep of the Family

According to a recent post on a Facebook page called 19 Scandals and Counting, Jill Dillard is definitely the black sheep of the family. She has committed a lot of “sins” that violate the rules she grew up required to follow. And, Jill Dillard has a pretty healthy following on social media because of it.

“Jill has engaged in sinful behavior for some time now. From a nose piercing, a haircut, shorts AND bathing suits, public libraries and enrolling Izzy in public schools, to name a few.” The Facebook post explains.

Jill Dillard Instagram

It, however, appears as if Jill Dillard has added a new sin to the list. How did she violate the family rules this time? Well, turns out it has to do with tattoos!

Turns out, she recently allowed her three-year-old to get a tattoo on his arm. Now, it is most likely a washable tattoo. Which may not seem like a huge deal to the average Joe. But, it isn’t something Michelle and Jim Bob would have approved of.
Jill Dillard Instagram

How Do People Feel About the Tattoo?

Now, Jill Dillard shared these photos on her Instagram Stories. So, she couldn’t get a lot of reactions directly on her Instagram profile. But, here’s what her followers on Facebook thought about the tattoos.

  • “For all of my issues with Jill, I’m glad she lets her kids be kids.”
  • I just feel bad that Jill didn’t a lot of one on one attention growing up. None of them did.”
  • “I love her she is just being normal I think it’s great you go girl.”

Overall, most were just happy to see Jill Dillard allowing her children to be children. So, what do you think about Jill Dillard breaking all the rules?


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