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’90 Day Fiance’ Geoffrey Paschel Reveals He Can’t Bring Himself To Kill Animals

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90 Day Fiance fans heard that Geoffrey Paschel loves nature and he actually enjoyed studying that the most. A bit of a “country boy,” it’s natural that he likes living in rural areas. And, he often gets out and about into nice natural places. But now, he explained how he sometimes feels only a bit “country-ish.” In fact, he can’t bring himself to kill animals like bugs.

90 Day Fiance – Geoffrey Paschel feels some meat-eating guilt

Geoffrey often posts long and thoughtful messages on his Instagram. On Wednesday, he shared about killing animals. While he later likened it to fishing in life, more interest came from his stance on eating meat. Geoffrey’s not a vegetarian. But, it sounds like maybe someone could convert him in time. In his post where he showed two photos of himself at a lake, he noted, “While I am a meat eater, I try to distance my thoughts away from the fact that I am eating what was once a living animal.”

Some 90 Day Fiance fans agreed that they also experience problems with it. One person replied, saying, “It’s hard for me to eat meats because I have a turkey farm about a mile behind me. Three pastures of cows around me…So meats are not my favorite, Not turkey or beef anyway.” But, Geoffrey goes beyond hating the idea of killing animals for food. He also said, “I can’t squish a random bug… & don’t fish.” But, his photos showed him with a fishing pole.

Geoffrey talks about not killing and his fishing fail

Since he treasures the lives of animals some people wondered why he fished and if he caught anything. He explained that “this past weekend, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone & fish. I intentionally used the largest bait possible in an effort to only catch the biggest fish (or secretly not catch anything).”  Well, it seems him not catching anything worked for him. Later, when a fan said they scrolled for a third picture showing a fish, he said dinner turned out to be “chicken.”

Fans know how the 90 Day Fiance star feels. One fan said they can’t face a recognizable fish on a plate. One can’t deal with a “Thanksgiving Turkey.” Others agree that they cope with eating meat only by chopping it up small and burying it in gravy or in a stew. Another follower noted people seem strange. They talked about their daughter who “loves eating crab.” But, she feels sorrow for “a dead crab on the beach.”

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As everyone should know by now, I love the outdoors…remember, I am a “country boy.” However, w/that said, I’ve never been able to kill anything. I can’t squish a random bug, don’t shirk away from snakes, & don’t fish. While I am a meat eater, I try to distance my thoughts away from the fact that I am eating what was once a living animal. Country-ish boy? . Back to fishing…many people think it is a fun “sport,” is strangely relaxing, & could be what’s for dinner. Being successful at it requires a combination of factors—the right bait, the perfect temperature, fish looking to be fooled, & some skill, of course. . This past weekend, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone & fish. I intentionally used the largest bait possible in an effort to only catch the biggest fish (or secretly not catch anything). If I am going to hook one, I figured it should be worth it. If I were to catch ole Nessie, I would toss her back, but the thrill of the catch is supposedly the culminating experience. . I think we’re all trying to catch the next big fish (relationship, job, car, phone, house, whatever) w/out realizing how many elements exist that are out of our control. In my day-to-day interactions & decisions, I try to focus on the things I CAN control. W/fishing, a logical approach would be to learn the best techniques, have the right supplies, & only venture out when the time is right OR perhaps going when the time is NOT always right. Maybe it’s because there’s a slim chance fate will be on my side in ways that cannot be explained. Conceivably, it can take just one lucky catch to trigger enough hope for another chance occurrence. Even when we feel like there is so much we cannot control in our lives, perhaps we can learn from those who stay the course & try again & again for that next big fish. . In my past, I have repeatedly been impulsive—telling myself that I have caught the long sought after monster—my Nessie. When, in reality, I just yanked up another tire off the bottom of the lake. We all must know our worth & never settle for anything less than the best. Chances in life come & go, but there is nothing more exciting than the unforgettable (AND true) great fish tale.

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While it seems odd that people like Geoffrey from 90 Day Fiance eat meat but hate killing, that’s not unusual. But, as Mato’s Blog points out, “We are omnivores, we can choose to be herbivores (plant eaters) or carnivores (meat eaters). We can choose to be predators. Or to live in peace with our fellow animals, we can choose to feel or not to feel empathy.”

And one thing for certain, Geoffrey’s well worth following on Instagram. Actually, he often invites people to look deep inside themselves and question life.

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