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‘OutDaughtered’: Who Watched The Girls During Adam & Danielle’s Trip?

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Adam and Danielle Busy have fans asking questions again!

Every parent needs a little time away from their children. Even the best parent on the planet needs a little “me time” for the sake of their mental health. More importantly, Adam and Danielle were together before they started having children. And, eventually, their girls will grow up and leave the nest. Then, it will just be Adam and Danielle Busby alone again. So, it is important for the parents to get a little alone time together.

Adam and Danielle Busby recently celebrated their anniversary together.

The OutDaughtered stars recently took a break from being parents. They took a trip to a beach. (Shocking, right?) And, they enjoyed the company of each other without any children in the picture.

Adam and Danielle have been married for 14 years now. They have six beautiful little girls together. TLC viewers all over the planet love this family. Moreover, their fans they they are great parents. So, if anyone deserves a break from their children… It is definitely Adam and Danielle Busby!

Now, most who follow the OutDaughtered family shower them with nothing but love, respect, and support. But, there will always be a few trolls lingering on their social media profiles. Adam and Danielle are certainly no stranger to getting parenting advice from strangers. But, that doesn’t mean they enjoy it. 

Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Monday, July 27, 2020

So, who watches the children when the OutDaughtered stars go out?

Finding a babysitter is never easy. It is hard for a person to find someone they trust to watch ther children. Chances are pretty good it is even harder for someone high profile like Adam and Danielle Busby. Having six children with five of them being the same age only further complicates things. So, it makes sense for fans to wonder who takes on the challenge when Danielle and Adam get away. Who do you think watches the girls for Adam and Danielle?

When Adam Busby shared photos from his trip with Danielle, he did touch on the girls not being with him. The hashtags on his photo explained the girls were safe. But, he would not be telling anyone where they are.

OutDaughtered fans can assume Adam and Danielle don’t give this information out for the safety of their girls and the privacy of who is watching them. Fans, however, suspect Uncle Dale and Aunt Crystal are the most likely babysitter of the girls any time Adam and Danielle need a little time away.

Do you think it is hard for Danielle and Adam Busby to get time to themselves? Tell us about it in the comments!

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