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Did The Duggars Unfollow The Bates Family On Instagram?

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The Duggar family and the Bates family are pretty close to each other. They share some of the same beliefs. And they both have 19 kids. The Bates family has even been on episodes of 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On. Fans of both families are hoping for a courtship between the families. Specifically, there have been rumors about Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates courting. So far, all those rumors have been shot down.

Aside from courtships, a friendship began years ago. Joy-Anna Forsyth and Carlin Bates Stewart are best friends. To this day, they still get together and have children close in age too.

Did the Duggar family unfollow the Bates family?

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar run the Duggar family’s Instagram page. Likewise, Gil and Kelly Jo Bates post on the Bates family Instagram page. The two families have always followed each other, until recently.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball noticed that the Counting On family unfollowed the Bringing Up Bates family on Instagram. This comes as a shock because of how well the families know each other.

Shortly after the Duggar family unfollowed the Bates family, they followed them again. Throughout this whole time, the Bates family continued to follow the Counting On family.

What could have prompted this?

Katie Joy points out that Jim Bob and Michelle are doing some cleaning up on their social media account. She thinks they might be trying to distance themselves from others. She believes this has something to do with further investigations into Josh Duggar’s past.

It’s unclear if there has been any drama between the two families recently. Nothing has come out about any potential issues, but it’s unlikely that the families would share that publicly.

Katie Joy does mention that it’s possible that the Counting On family just wanted to unfollow their close friends and had no real reason to do so. It’s not uncommon for social media users to unfollow others.

This could have been an accident as well, especially since the Duggars followed the Bateses back pretty quickly.

Is the Duggar family still following any of the Bates family members?

While the Counting On family has followed the Bringing Up Bates family once again, they still aren’t following any of the Bates children.

So, do you think something is up between the Duggars and the Bateses? Or do you think this might have been an accident? Share your thoughts below.

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