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‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Fans Share Diverse Range Of Zucchini Recipes And Ideas

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Sister Wives fans enjoy it when Janelle Brown shares about the vegetables she grows. Or the thing she finds at the Farmers Market. Sometimes she asks for recipe ideas as well. And, fans enjoy interacting. So, when she reaped some fresh zucchinis from her garden, plenty of them gave ideas and recipes to the TLC star.

Sister Wives – Janelle shares about reaping her zucchini crop

On the weekend, Janelle spent some time in her garden. This year, she explained she uses raised beds for her vegetables. And, she noted that the crop seems quite impressive. Also, in the comments, she talked about how it’s easier on your back. Jenelle shared a photo of some healthy-looking zucchinis. In fact, she also grows herbs and flowers, and fans interacted a lot on a previous post about Chamomile.

Fans responded to the post and it seems many more possibilities exist than straight steaming or boiling the fruit. One Sister Wives fan suggested that Janelle try and make “poor man crab cakes with them.” Janelle sounded rather keen on those and said, “Oh Im going to have to try that!” Actually, they sound easy enough. Her fan said, that anyone can “google poor mans crab cakes” But, several recipes exist. So they just use “zucchini instead of crab and a little bread crumbs, an egg and a lot of old bay.”

Other ideas for tasty zucchini recipes

One person, @wiesje1959 put up a yummy-sounding recipe with all the instructions and ingredients. It sounds great and involves “Mozzarella” and “Japanese pancakes.” Another person asked about making zucchini bread. Janelle kindly told them there’s a good one up on “AllRecipes.” The same user recommends making “pitticelle from the zucchini flowers.” How about this idea?  Zucchini Bundt cake but made [with] a cream frosting.”

Another Sister Wives fan shared, “I like to peel and slice zucchini in long thin slices dip it in flour and water batter with spices mixed in onion, garlic, salt pepper seasoned salt put in deep fryer then drain on a paper towel and dip in spaghetti sauce or ranch dressing.” They recommend some cheese sprinkled on them as well. More suggestions came in. One of them suggested “zucchini noodles. “Another recommends adding them to “cake with chocolate.”

Zucchini packed full of goodness

Sister Wives fans keen on recipes for their zucchini should note that it’s a great choice as a healthy veg. Mostly eaten as a vegetable it’s actually a fruit. Precision Nutrition says that zucchini “possesses many valuable minerals.” These include “calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Plus, the fruit contains antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and K. So it sounds like a good choice in your garden. they grow very easily in summer and as Janelle Brown said, they deliver a huge crop.

Do you have any nice recipes for zucchini? Sound off in the comments below.

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