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‘Unexpected’ Alum Shayden Massey Gets Slammed For Marijuana Tattoo

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Unexpected dad, Shayden Massey got a bit from heat from TLC fans in early June. He went to a protest and was shot by a rubber bullet. Fans slammed him for endangering himself when he’s a dad to a little girl. Now, he took a lot of criticism for getting himself a marijuana tattoo. With another baby on the way, critics think its time he grew up.

Unexpected – Shayden Massey shares about his marijuana tattoo

This weekend, Shayden posted a photo of his new marijuana tattoo. He captioned it with, “Haters gonna hate! But I F–KING LOVE IT❤️.” Some fans told him that he’ll “regret” it in a few years’ time. But, Shayden doubts that. He took a bit of flak for it from his Brazilian fans initially. One said, “this is an apology for drugs and is against the laws here in Brazil. I am so sorry for you.” But other fans also climbed in on the bashing wagon.

One Unexpected critic noted, “Truly doesn’t get trashier than a marijuana tattoo! You’re someone’s dad… 😬😬.” More people picked up on the fact that Shayden’s a dad already. A follower commented, “It’s soooo cool to get a weed tattoo, especially when you are a parent 🙄.” Then someone asked Shayden, “why would you get that tattoo…? Because you think you’re cool for smoking weed…?” Then, angry, a follower put the boot in with, “What kind of example do you want to show your little girl! It’s ridiculous. You don’t have my respect anymore..”

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Haters gonna hate! But I FUCKING LOVE IT❤️

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Shayden fans worry abut Scarlett and his new baby

Starcasm reported that Shayden and his girlfriend Kylee expect a baby. Plus, Shayden got shot with a rubber bullet. Fans worry about him breeding two children and putting his life at risk. When he revealed the sore-looking rubber bullet mark, fans felt unhappy that he stayed at a protest that looked violent. It didn’t matter where the violence came from, the police or the protesters. They just think Shayden should consider his little girl a bit more.

One fan said, “Why would u even go out in that anyways you have a kid think about ur family next time yk❤️.” Then, fans who noticed the time of the post and heard about the protest complained he probably broke the “curfew.” Once more, criticism went the way of the Unexpected dad for not thinking about his daughter Scarlett. But, for all the complaints, Shayden probably won’t care anyway. In fact, he holds little time for critics and those who hate him.

Quite often he baits trolls by posting up controversial things with the caption, “haters gonna hate.” It seems like Shayden won’t let being a father make him grow up before his time. In fact, fans think the fact that he got another woman pregnant also points to his immaturity. But, the Unexpected dad makes no apology to them at all.

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