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Ash Armand of ‘Gigolos’ Arrested for Murder, Nick Hawk Speaks Out

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Ash Armand of the Showtime series Gigolos has been arrested for murder. This is shocking news for everyone. TMZ originally shared the news about what went down. Now, Nick Hawk is speaking out about this arrest.

Ash Armand’s arrest

The police in Las Vegas are saying that Ash beat his girlfriend to death. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department shared that he actually called 911 himself. When the police showed up, her lifeless body was lying there.

Ash Armand was allegedly under the influence of narcotics. This is the name that he uses for his business and the show. He was booked into jail under his real name which is Akshaya Kubiak.

Nick Hawk shares his thoughts

Nick Hawk was on the show with Ash Armand. He went to his Facebook page today and shared his thoughts on the arrest. Nick still has love in his heart for Ash even though this happened. Here is what he shared.

“I now understand, more than ever, the power and the impact of my words and how so many are looking to me for answers right now. I dove DEEP to get them for you. I went to war with myself over this terrible tragedy involving Ash. I went further than I have ever gone and I entered realms with the most powerful entities I have ever faced. I was battling a demon who wanted me to trash him, air all of his dirty laundry and be done with him, but what I’ve now connected with is not allowing me to. I AM A ROCK. MY VOICE IS A CHANNEL FOR REASON AND TRUTH. I LIFT PEOPLE THROUGH DARKNESS TO THE LIGHT AS I CRUSH THEIR DEMONS. I have commented that he was a lost and dark soul and the world is better off, but I’m retracting those comments. You are most definitely lost if you allow such an act to manifest, but the fault is in the lack of guidance. THERE IS NO EVIL, ONLY IGNORANCE.

With help from the Vegas community, I do feel him out there and I wouldn’t wish this nightmare on anyone. It breaks my heart that this horrible misfortune happened. It breaks my heart that this girl is now gone. It breaks my heart that Ash and I never truly bonded, I ignored his last attempts to reach out and I couldn’t help him with some of his battles. And it breaks my heart that he’s in jail. He definitely needs punishment and rehabilitation, no matter the outcome, but the biggest question is to what extent and what is the most proper manner in doing so. Genuine remorse must be proven and an attempt of repayment must be made in some way. I am sending him, the victim’s family and those close to them strength to hopefully uplift each other and find some peace. I still see too much pain and too many hurt people in this world. We have no choice but to stand together. We are all connected on a level that few will fathom. We did this. Please stop feeding hate with hate. Wake up. I still love him and I love you too.”

Will this show return?

Gigolos hasn’t returned for a new season and it doesn’t look like the show will be back on Showtime again. The fact that Nick is saying that Ash reached out and he didn’t respond probably means that they were not working together at this time.

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