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Francesca Farago of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Spotted Kissing Australian Model

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It really seems like Francesca Farago is enjoying her time being single and free.

The 26-year-old influencer and Too Hot To Handle star has been seen hanging around with quite a few people lately. There always seems to be kissing involved.

Who can blame her? Francesca’s ex-fiance and former costar, Harry Jowsey, broke up with her in June after a very brief engagement and rocky relationship. It really seems like she just wants to do her own thing for a while.

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Francesca Has Fun

Most recently, Francesca posted a video of herself hanging out with Australian model, Casey Boonstra. It’s innocent enough until Casey licks the edge of Francesca’s mouth before kissing her. Is this a new budding romance, or just some more playtime for Francesca?

No one can really be sure these days. Francesca was also seen holding hands with YouTuber Tana Mongeau towards the beginning of July. A few weeks later, she was spotted on a date with Jersey Store star Vinny Guadagnino. There are even a few rumors Francesca has a thing with Joe Exotic’s husband, Dillon Passage.

However, according to Francesca, none of these are serious. She asserts Vinny is nothing more than a friend and they are “talking.” After everything Harry allegedly put her through, it seems like a good plan to keep things casual for the time being.

The Big Breakup

If you watched the Netflix hit, Too Hot To Handle, you know Francesca’s ex, Harry, has a habit of stretching the truth or sometimes outright lying. And we only know all of this because there were cameras around to prove it. Cheating rumors surrounded their relationship for quite some time after the show ended. Harry denied the allegations of course, but who knows what the truth actually is?

Shortly after the breakup, Francesca posted her side of the story on YouTube. Only months after their engagement during the Too Hot To Handle reunion special, Harry ended things, saying that long-distance just wasn’t working for him any longer. Francesca was, understandably, heartbroken. It seems really odd to plan to marry someone and then just end it when things get a little inconvenient. They lived in separate cities, but Francesca said she was willing to move to be with him.

Harry posted his own side of the story a little later, confirming that he ultimately ended the relationship. According to Harry, he was in a very dark emotional state for a while and Francesca was always “off doing her own thing.”

Something doesn’t really add up here. Do you think Harry’s cheating rumors are true? Sound off in the comments below. We’re just happy Francesca is moving on and living her best life. Keep tuning in for more celebrity and TV news!

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