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Where Is Riley Busby? ‘OutDaughtered’ Dad Adam Explains

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Where is Riley Busby? OutDaughtered fans are demanding answers after noticing one of the quints was missing from a recent photo shoot for the Graeson Bee Boutique clothing line. Why wasn’t Riley Busby in any of the photos? Was she sick? Did she have COVID-19? Was Riley Busby alright? Fans needed to know. Fortunately, Adam Busby was happy to answer them.

OutDaughtered dad Adam Busby explains Riley’s absence.

Unfortunately, Adam and Danielle Busby have to be careful when posting photos and videos of their daughters. Considering they have so many, it is safe to assume all of their little beauties are not going to be featured in every post.

Still, fans are quick to notice when they seem to be favoring one of their daughters over the others. Moreover, fans are quick to notice when one of their daughters has NOT been featured in a while. And, that is just what happened with this recent photo shoot.

Sure, fans were thrilled Adam and Danielle Busby were generous enough to share photos from the photo shoot with them. But, they couldn’t help but notice one of the quints was missing. Where is Riley Busby? Why isn’t she in any of the photos?

So, where is Riley Busby?

Riley Busby is fine and well. OutDaughtered fans have nothing to fear. Riley is just interested in making her own decisions regarding what she does or doesn’t want to do.

Per InTouch Weekly, Adam Busby revealed that he and Danielle do things a little different than some reality TV families. More specifically, they do not consider their children to be props. With every photo shoot opportunity, they give their daughters a choice.

If one (or all) of them do not want to be in the photos, they are not forced to do so. Adam and Danielle Busby believe this is their way of allowing their children to continue to be children. More importantly, it teaches their girls that they have an opinion and a choice.

“We don’t make our children take photos if they don’t want to. If Riley said she didn’t want to take a picture that day, then she didn’t have to. It’s always their choice and it’s not because we favor one child over the other.” Adam Busby penned in response to one Instagram followers question about where Riley was.

While OutDaughtered fans applauded Adam and Danielle Busby on doing what they could to give their girls a healthy lifestyle despite being on television… They made it clear they were really missing Riley content.

So, does the lack of Riley Busby content make you sad? Tell us about it in the comments down below!

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