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Todd Chrisley Shares About Teaching Kids Social Values

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Todd Chrisley, the patriarch from Chrisley Knows Best often shares useful and inspiring messages with his fans on Instagram. Fans love him because he makes them laugh. But, he sometimes talks about serious things that many people relate to. He just shared about teaching kids social values.

Todd Chrisley on educating kids with more than just academic studies

Todd shared a photo of a plaque on Tuesday. It read, “Don’t become preoccupied with your child’s academic ability.” Then it noted, ” Instead, teach them to sit with those sitting alone.” Another thing it suggests is that people teach their kids to “be kind” and “offering their help.” Encouragement and “friends to the lonely” is a way that kids can “change the world.” Many people love the idea of teaching kids those values. But, some of them lament that their kids miss school and feel lonely all the time during COVID-19.

The concept of reaching out to the lonely and less fortunate got some great responses from Todd Chrisley fans. One of them commented, “love this. I must say I really enjoy watching your show as well. It’s very clear how much…you love your family, and I like the fact you both teach them values and support them. Looking forward to your next season!” Another one noted, “So very true! We all need to be reminded of this as we’re raising kids.”

Todd and helpful posts about family

Fans who watch the Chrisley Knows Best show, know it’s all about family. Fans know that unfortunately, Lindsie and her dad don’t speak to each other. So, he’s not perfect. But he tries. In fact, we reported that in June that he shared about talking when the “heart is bitter.” He wrote, “Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter…Hush until you heal.” Todd Chrisley said, “I’m gonna focus on getting better at this myself.”

Actually, if parents also teach that to their kids, some valuable social lessons could help change their outlook on the world. And teaching kids about reaching out to the lonely sounds like a really good idea. As one fan said, their kids feel “lonely not going to school.” So, they understand how it feels now. For some of them, it’s the loneliest they ever felt in their lives. Kars 4 Kids writes “[COVID-19 quarantines] makes it more difficult for kids to cope with the feelings of loneliness that come from being away from their friends.” But, as Todd Chrisley points out, even when they do go to school, some kids still remain lonely.

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Lessons learned in isolation might help with the value Todd mentioned

So many kids understand loneliness right now. Perhaps Todd chose a very good time to share his message about social values and kids. Maybe some of his followers take the opportunity to teach their kids to care about other lonely people when they all return to school.

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