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‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Is ‘Exhausted’ By Favoritism Accusations

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After being picked up by TLC for the series OutDaughtered, Adam Busby and his wife Danielle were thrusted into the spotlight. Unfortunately, with all of the upsides to being a reality TV star, there are also a lot of downsides. Namely, there are a lot of critics waiting to judge how they raise their girls.

Adam and Danielle Busby are the proud parents of six beautiful girls.

The OutDaughtered parents share six beautiful girls together. Unfortunately, the more children you have as a reality TV star… The more opportunities you have to be critiqued and judged. Adam and Danielle Busby are certainly no stranger to this notion.

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In fact, Danielle and Adam Busby were recently blasted about the lack of Riley (one of the quints) on a recent photo shoot for the Graeson Bee Boutique clothing line.

  • “it’s amazing! but are there any pics of Riley? :(“
  • “no riley content this time??”
  • “why didn’t we get any riley content??”
  • “are there any pics of riri?”
  • “When do we get a Riley Picture?”

A week ago, the Graeson Bee Boutique posted a photo featuring four of the quints. In this particular photo, Hazel Grace Busby was missing. Again, OutDaughtered fans noticed.

  • “There’s a lack of hazel in this picture.”
  • “where’s miss hazel?”

The photo accumulated several other variations of “where is Hazel” in the comments. Fortunately for Danielle and Adam Busby, not everyone is quick to shame and judge. In fact, some OutDaughtered fans are fed up with it. One individual was quick to shut down the chatter about Hazel.

“The amount of comments on here asking where hazel is, is actually ridiculous. like do you think she maybe just didn’t want to be in the picture and they didn’t force her?” The individual penned.

The OutDaughtered parents do not force their girls to model.

As we mentioned previously, the Adam and Danielle Busby do not force their girl to participate in photo shoots. Adam revealed to fans that the girls have a choice with every single photo shoot. So, if you ever seen one of the Busby girls missing from a photo… It just means they probably didn’t want to spend the day modeling. It certainly doesn’t mean Adam and Danielle are playing favorites.

In fact, Adam Busby also admitted he is exhausted by fans accusing him of playing favorites with his children. According to InTouch Weekly, Adam and his wife Danielle make an effort to block those who treat them with unkindness.

[Fan pages] are nice to us on one account and then consistently attack us for favoritism or ‘hating one child’ because we haven’t posted a photo of her as often as you would like, so you don’t have new content. Nothing is ever good enough. We will block the accounts that want to be negative and spread hate. It’s our kids and our [choice] to do so.”

Adam Busby and his wife Danielle don’t play favorites with their children. They just take pictures and videos of whichever child wants to be in the frame that day. Fans, however, do play favorites. So, things can sometimes get a little messy in the comments of Danielle and Adam’s Instagram posts.

So, does it make you sad to know Adam Busby is frustrated with fans accusing him of playing favorites? Tell us about it in the comments.


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