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‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Hits Vegas, Confirms Divorce Not Finalized Yet

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Love After Lockup fans heard in December that Tracie Wagaman ended up with nowhere to stay. It came after she booked out of rehab and Clint wanted to collect her. His mom, furious, told him to leave her. So she ended up with nowhere to go. It all ended up in them splitting, this time seemingly for good. Then, in mid-July, Tracie told her followers she planned on going to Las Vegas. Now, she arrived and mentioned she and Clint still await completion of their divorce proceedings.

Love After Lockup – Tracie arrived in Las Vegas

Starcasm reported in February, that Tracey hinted at going to Las Vegas. It came when she shared about winning some cash at a casino in Albuquerque.  Then, in mid-July, she posted up a photo and captioned it with, “Vegas…. here i come!” Fans speculated that maybe she plans a full-time career playing the casinos. But, others thought she chose the worst possible place as she struggles with addictions. But, it seems she meant it, as she confirmed on July 22, that she arrived there.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the Love After Lockup star tagged a photo as Ceaser’s Palace. This time, her caption read, “I love it all! Finally get to enjoy Vegas sola and single! (sic).” Still concerned about her addiction and sobriety issues, quite a few fans cautioned her about the city. One wrote, “We hope you’re well @tracie.loveafterlockup Are you sober? Praying for you. Addiction is such a scary disease. We just want you to realize how precious life is.”

Fans ask about Clint, divorce not final yet

Some fans of the WEtv show lost track of what happened and asked her where Clint is. One said, “But you’re Clint’s goddess!” Well, other fans explained the split. When one of them said she’s not with Clint anymore, Tracie replied, saying, “Thank God.”

So, it seems like she holds no regrets over the split. A few fans hoped she enjoyed the single life to the full. As one pointed out, “yep single is the way to go! Go and enjoy your freedom!! Love from Ireland.”

A Love After Lockup fan wanted confirmation and asked, “you are divorced?” Well, Tracie replied to that as well. She noted, “not yet but VERY SOON! YAY.” Some followers then pointed out that she’s not single then, and only “separated.”

Engaging once again, Tracie added, “We are separated but he’s moved on and so am I.”

Actually, these days Tracie sounds very relaxed with her fans. One told her they also visit Ceaser’s Palace and hope they run into each other. Tracie told them that “would be awesome.”

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I love it all! Finally get to enjoy Vegas sola and single!

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What do you think about Tracie Wagaman moving on from Clint and that they await the outcome of their divorce? Do you think she should be very cautious in Las Vegas because of her sobriety issues? Sound off in the comments below.

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